The Jazz Drum Set was written by Mr. Dan Bukvich, percussion instructor, composer, and choral conductor at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. Prescribed music should be purchased from the publishers, sheet music dealers or the internet. Only original printed music may be used in. Goal is to give you tips on how to guide drum set players. • Understand the equipment of drummers. • Understand a drummers role in the jazz ensemble.


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Uses[ edit ] Drums are usually played by striking with the hand, or with one or two sticks.

Basic Jazz Grooves |

A wide variety of sticks are used, including jazz drum set pdf to sticks and sticks with soft beaters of felt on the end. In jazz, some In many traditional cultures, drums have a symbolic function and are used in religious ceremonies.

Drums are often used in music therapyespecially hand drums, because of their tactile nature and easy use by a wide variety of people. Drums acquired even divine status in places such as Burundiwhere the karyenda was a symbol of the power of the king.

Construction[ edit ] Drum carried by John Unger, Company B, 40th Regiment New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry Mozart Regiment, December 20, The shell almost invariably has a circular opening over which the drumhead is stretched, but the shape of the remainder of jazz drum set pdf to shell varies widely.

Basic Jazz Grooves

In the western musical tradition, the most usual shape is a cylinderalthough timpanifor example, use bowl -shaped shells. Drums with cylindrical shells can be open at one end as is the case with timbalesor can have two drum heads, one head on each end.

Single-headed drums typically consist of a skin stretched over an enclosed space, or over one of the ends of a hollow vessel. Drums with two heads covering both ends of a cylindrical shell often have a small hole somewhat halfway between the two heads; the shell forms a resonating chamber for the resulting sound.

Exceptions include the African slit drumalso known as a log drum as it is made from a hollowed-out tree trunk, and the Caribbean steel drummade from a metal barrel. Drums jazz drum set pdf to two heads can also have a set of wires, called jazz drum set pdf to, held across the bottom head, top head, or both heads, hence the name snare drum.


On modern band and orchestral drums, the drumhead is placed over the opening of the drum, which in turn is held onto the shell by a "counterhoop" or "rim"which is then held by means of a number of tuning screws called "tension rods" that screw into lugs placed evenly around the circumference. The head's tension can be adjusted by loosening or jazz drum set pdf to the rods.

Many such drums have six to ten tension rods. The sound of a drum depends on many variables—including shape, shell size and thickness, shell materials, counterhoop material, drumhead material, drumhead tension, drum position, location, and striking velocity and angle.

Basic Jazz Grooves |

These methods are rarely used today, though sometimes appear on regimental marching band snare drums. Similarly, the tabla is tuned by hammering a disc held in jazz drum set pdf to around the drum by ropes stretching from the top to bottom head.

Orchestral timpani can be quickly tuned to precise pitches by using a foot pedal. Several American Indian -style drums for sale at the National Museum of the American Indian Several factors determine the sound a drum produces, including the type, shape and construction jazz drum set pdf to the drum shell, the type of drum heads it has, and the tension of these drumheads.

Different drum sounds have different uses in music.

Take, for example, the modern Tom-tom drum. A jazz drummer may want drums that are high pitched, resonant and quiet whereas a rock drummer may prefer drums that are loud, dry and low-pitched. Since these jazz drum set pdf to want different sounds, their drums are constructed and tuned differently.

The drum head has the most effect on how a drum sounds. Each type of drum head serves its own musical purpose and has its own unique sound. Double-ply drumheads dampen high frequency harmonics because they are heavier and they are suited to heavy playing.

Drum heads with central silver jazz drum set pdf to black dots tend to muffle the overtones even more. And drum heads with perimeter sound rings mostly eliminate overtones Howie Some jazz drummers avoid using thick drum heads, preferring single ply drum heads or drum heads with no muffling.

Rock drummers often jazz drum set pdf to the thicker or coated drum heads. The second biggest factor that affects drum sound is head tension against the shell.

Basic Jazz Grooves

When the hoop is placed around the drum head and shell and tightened down with tension rods, the tension of the head can be adjusted. When the tension is increased, the amplitude of the sound is reduced and the frequency is increased, making the pitch higher and the volume lower.

The type of shell also affects the sound jazz drum set pdf to a drum.

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