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Please note that if your browser does not support our image viewer you will be jock sturges to our old gallery system.

Jock Sturges - Wikipedia

If so, you may want to consider upgrading your browser. So I have to stay on top of things.

JPC The 8x10 format seems jock sturges curious choice. You must have your jock sturges. JS The 8x10 is an interesting device I try to be as seamless with it as possible, of course, but by the same token the ponderous large format has several really dramatic advantages when you're photographing people.

One is that the image is upside-down, and therefore viewable as an abstraction. Another has to do with the fact that jock sturges level of respect that people perceive they're being jock sturges with a camera of that size is dramatic. People really respond to the compliment of such an imposing piece of gear, they feel like they're being taken seriously.

Jock Sturges - artist, news & exhibitions -

And along with that goes the fact that I am not behind the camera when I make the picture, I have direct eye contact. There's not a machine between us. jock sturges


I get my face very close to the lens axis, and I'm watching intensely. So there's a wonderful physical immediacy of being right there next to them. The advantage of seeing the image as an abstraction, jock sturges compliment people feel they're receiving, and that direct visual access to the emotions of the jock sturges, that's the mix that makes the large format camera a uniquely valuable tool for me.

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JPC It would also seem that if someone's taking a jock sturges camera a little more seriously, it would bring a certain quality to the poses they exhibit and the interaction.

For better or for worse, the looming presence would seem to color the interaction. JS There's something else that happens that's fun. It's funny, sometimes, too, because it can go too far. jock sturges

Jock Sturges

jock sturges I don't pose people at all. I don't say, "Stand like this, do this, do that. I say, "OK, we're finished.

Then I'll say, "Don't jock sturges, stay just like that, hold still, don't move your hands. It's what's natural and what comes from the people that's real.

Nudes in Jock Sturges Photos - On the Verge of Taboo

But what happens over time is that a lot of the people whom I enjoy photographing a lot, that I've been shooting for years, come to understand that there's a certain kind of almost balletic elegance that I have a great tendency to like in jock sturges and jock sturges start doing this stuff on purpose.

They sort of figure out what it takes to push my button.


And so I turn around and they're doing this long, jock sturges out, elongated beautiful thing, and of course I make the photograph. They've, in a funny way, made me take that picture. They know that that's what Jock likes.


So jock sturges can go too far, sometimes. That can get to be a little bit too self conscious, on occasion. But very often it is actually quite beautiful, how people present themselves. JPC Are jock sturges ways success has modified or influenced the way that you're currently working, on an artistic level?

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