: Les Juifs Du Maroc: Images Et Textes: pp.; with a dedication on first page; else in VG condition. Size: 30 cm Tall. C'est une histoire méconnue mais en même temps assez significative du Maroc du Moyen-Âge. Celui qui nous la raconte est un certain Marcel. Les juifs arabes sont des juifs qui s'inscrivent dans l'espace linguistique et culturel arabe. Dans d'autres cas, ils descendent des juifs séfarades expulsés d'Espagne en , qui se sont exilés au Maroc, en Tunisie, en Algérie et dans.


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Sephardic Jewry and Mizrahi Jews offers a collection of new scholarship on the issues of self-definition and identity facing Sephardic Jewry.

The essays draw on a variety of disciplines--demography, history, political science, sociology, religious and gender studies, anthropology, and literature. Chief among the latter was the lack of an organized plan for evacuating those affected by the expulsion decree or for protecting them on the roads; the terse mentions of this incident in royal chronicles note that many of those sent into exile died of hunger and thirst along the way.

This must have been the fate of a majority of French Jews from the northern and central parts of the kingdom, for whom the distance to safety was long. Inhowever, the majority of Juifs du maroc Jews lived in the southern part of the kingdom, in the area known as Languedoc juifs du maroc the border of Provence, which was not yet part of France.

Provence offered haven to many exiles from the north, and it was particularly convenient to Jews fleeing from Languedoc, so it is not surprising that this region, like Catalonia, preserves most of this expulsion''s traces.

Accordingly, all the writers treated in this book are men of the Midi--some originally from the north or the descendants of northern Jews, and some southerners for generations but witnesses, in one form or another, to the influx of French Jewish refugees and their struggles to adapt to new surroundings.

The story of juifs du maroc is unlike the story of other catastrophes, which may be terminal for juifs du maroc victims but unfold among communities that remain relatively intact.


Medieval incidents of judicial execution, for instance, commemorated as tales of martyrdom, involved a discrete event affecting a discrete subgroup of one or more victims known to a community and posthumously commemorated.

In contrast, juifs du maroc casts its collective victims, each with his or her juifs du maroc memories of home and experiences of dislocation, into a multiplicity of new settings.

Moreover, in the case of French Jews, expulsion was also a trauma experienced repeatedly. The great expulsion of was juifs du maroc ten years old when Louis X, Philip IV''s son, rescinded his father''s decree.

True, only a small number of exiled French Jews heeded the invitation to return. Of that number, those who survived the bleak years of famine and violence that followed found themselves all too quickly reliving history when they were expelled again inmany returning to Aragon and Provence.

Twenty-six years later, those lands, too, proved fragile reeds against the violence that accompanied the devastation of the Black Death Ironically, there is a bounty of Hebrew literature commemorating the persecution of Jews who were often blamed for the outbreak of plague during the Black Death, much of it from Ashkenaz and much of it in the traditional forms of commemorative poetry.

Ces Fassis d’origine juive

But anti-Jewish violence was not the worst blow dealt juifs du maroc the pandemic: It also uprooted communities and age-old ways of life, rendering even more juifs du maroc the anchors of communal memory and the ways that earlier traumas would be remembered and retold.

The papal lands of the Comtat Venaissin were unique in offering protection to Jews fleeing plague-related violence elsewhere, and the influx of new refugees fragmented even further a coherent sense of the past.

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InFrance again admitted Jews into its borders, mainly from Switzerland and in very small numbers. Concerning this important event there exists, to the best juifs du maroc our knowledge, only one reference in a single Jewish source, which is apparently however, contemporary with the catastrophe.

Ces Fassis d’origine juive - Zamane

And this reference has never been made use of. That is a question of a play on words which a scholar who is not particularly interested in Africa may well not understand. The reference is found juifs du maroc a 'Kinah' on the persecution of the Jews of Oran inreproduced by J.

I, Jerusalem,p.

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