Karl Theodor Jaspers (23 February – 26 February ) was a German psychiatrist and philosopher. Among his most well known contributions is his idea. Media in category "Karl Jaspers". The following 15 files are in this category, out of 15 total. Heidelberg - Plöck 66 Gedenktafel Karl Jaspers Karl Theodor Jaspers was a German-Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher who had a strong influence on modern theology, psychiatry, and interests‎: ‎Psychiatry‎, ‎theology‎, ‎philosophy.


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Philosophy seemed to me the supreme, even the sole, concern of man. Yet a certain awe kept me karl jaspers making it my profession. Our questions and answers are in part determined by the historical tradition in which we find ourselves.

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We apprehend truth from our own source within the historical tradition. The content of our truth depends upon our appropriating the historical foundation. Our own power of generation lies in the rebirth karl jaspers what has karl jaspers handed down to us.

If we do not wish to slip back, nothing must be forgotten; but if philosophising is to be karl jaspers our thoughts must arise from our own source.

Hence all appropriation of tradition proceeds from the intentness of our own life. The more determinedly I exist, as myself, within the conditions of karl jaspers time, the more clearly I shall hear the language of the past, the nearer I shall feel the glow of its life.

Nietzsche [ edit ] Existence, to him, had become a desert in which only one thing remained, namely that which had relentlessly forced him into this path: As translated by C.

Schmitz With the disintegration of all that [Nietzsche] had revered, existence, karl jaspers him, had karl jaspers a desert in which only one thing remained, namely that which had relentlessly forced him into this path: Rohde became more and more firmly bound to the bourgeois world, its institutions and accepted opinions.

In their youth they both live in the realm of boundless possibilities and feel an affinity through the exuberance of their noble aspirations.

Karl jaspers they go in opposite directions. Nietzsche remains young, leaving concrete reality as his task assumes existential import.

Karl Jaspers

Rohde karl jaspers old, bourgeois, stable, and skeptical. Hence courage is a fundamental trait in Nietzsche, plaintive self- irony in Rohde. Hence universal communicability is unconsciously accepted as the source and criterion of those truths that promote life through communal means.

Truth is that which our conventional social code accepts as effective in promoting the purposes of the group. To put it otherwise, they must be truthful by playing with the conventionally marked dice.

To fail to pay in the coin of the realm is to karl jaspers forbidden lies, for, on this view, whatever transcends conventional truth is a falsehood. To tell lies of this kind is to sacrifice the world of meanings upon which the endurance of his community rests.

Jaspers also wrote extensively on the threat to human freedom posed by modern science and modern economic and political institutions. Among his poltical works is The Question of German Guilt ; trans.

Jaspers died in Basel, on Feb. Jaspers also distinguished between primary and secondary delusions.

Karl Jaspers - Wikiquote

Karl jaspers defined primary delusions as autochthonous meaning arising without apparent cause, appearing incomprehensible in terms of normal mental processes.

This is a distinctly different use of the term autochthonous than its usual medical or karl jaspers meaning of indigenous.


Secondary delusions, on the other hand, he classified as influenced by the karl jaspers background, current situation or mental state.

Jaspers considered primary delusions as ultimately 'un-understandable,' as he believed karl jaspers coherent reasoning process existed behind their formation. This view has caused some controversy, and the likes of R.

He also took an active interest in Eastern philosophies, particularly Buddhismand developed the theory karl jaspers an Axial Agea period of substantial philosophical and religious development.

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