As someone who is learning Slovak independently, I think this is an excellent book and a great resource for anyone who shares my love for the Slovak language. This book, the first modern, full course of Slovak for English speakers, is intended for the first year of language study at the college level. It is also suitable for self. Original and richly illustrated textbook and a CD for the A1 level is composed in Krížom-krážom represents an attractive way how to deal with.


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Course registration - Canadian Bilingual Institute, Bratislava

New vocabulary and grammar are explained with a help of pictures, standard phonetic training and dialogues krizom krazom book individual chapters are recorded on a CD. The book includes 10 topic-based units introducing day-to-day situations.

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All the units have an identical structure that is easy-to-follow. This purpose is followed also by a richly illustrated and didactically interpreted contents, which enables practice of individual krizom krazom book skills in accordance with the requirements of the Common Krizom krazom book Framework of Reference for Languages CEF for the A2 level upper intermediate.

It develops standard communication skills, reading comprehension, and building of simple sentence structures. The individual lessons are related to the contents of the Textbooks: The exercises and the dialogues are presented in models with the creative and targeted application of illustrations, which support the receptive and productive mastering of the foreign language.


Thanks to its structure, the Workbook is suited for working with groups of students under teacher supervision. In addition, it provides numerous exercises and krizom krazom book tasks for krizom krazom book study, practice, and automatic utilization of the studied areas.

The book can also be used selectively based on the learning objectives and needs of the individual user.

In each unit there are dialogues which are recorded on the CDs and which reflect current social issues.

They are followed by texts covering the same issues and give you an opportunity to practise all four skills and to express your opinion on those topics as they are usually krizom krazom book in a confrontational way.


At the end krizom krazom book each unit there are revision exercises covering reading, listening, writing and speaking skills which test ho much the learners got out of the new vocabulary krizom krazom book grammar. Various brainteasers, didactic games and additional texts with more exercises were added to the units to make exercises even more interesting and creative and increasingly challenge the students.

Click on the picture for detailed contents. With English and Spanish was fairly easy. Native speakers are used to people trying to learn their language and they can feel it in the accent whether you are a foreigner or not.


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