Le code noir ou recueil des règlements rendus jusqu'à présent: concernant le times (Louis Sala-Molins), the Code Noir was passed by Louis XIV in in. Code Noir (page 34). King Louis XIV, of France, put the Code Noir into place in ; however, it was revised in to address the policy of the right of slavery. The Black Code tells us a very long story that started in Versailles, at the court of Louis XIV, the Sun King, in March and ended in Paris in.


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Plantation owners largely governed their land and holdings in absentia, with subordinate workers dictating the day-to-day running le code noir 1685 the plantations. Because of their enormous population, in addition to the harsh conditions facing slaves for example, Saint Domingue has been described as one of the most brutally efficient colonies of the era[ citation needed ]small-scale slave revolts were common.

The "Code Noir"

Despite some well-intentioned provisions, the Code Noir was never effectively or strictly enforced, in particular regarding protection for slaves and limitations on corporal punishment. Code Noir ofNantes history museum In 60 articles, [5] the document specified the following: It provided le code noir 1685 the slaves should be baptized and educated in the Catholic faith.

It prohibited masters from making their slaves work on Sundays and religious holidays.


It required that slaves le code noir 1685 clothed and fed and taken care of when sick. We also forbid slaves who belong to different masters from gathering, either during the day or at night, under the pretext of a wedding or other excuse, either at one of le code noir 1685 master's houses or elsewhere, and especially not in major roads or isolated locations.

They shall risk corporal punishment that shall not be less than the whip and the fleur de lys, and for frequent recidivists and in other aggravating circumstances, they may be punished with death, a decision we leave to their judge.

We enjoin all our subjects, even if they are not officers, to rush to the offenders, arrest them, and take them to prison, and that there be no decree against them.

The Code Noir (The Black Code)

We forbid slaves from selling sugar cane, for whatever reason or occasion, even with the permission of their master, at the risk of a whipping for the slaves and a fine of ten pounds for the masters who gave them permission, and an equal fine for the buyer.

We also forbid slaves from selling any type of commodities, even fruit, vegetables, firewood, herbs for cooking and animals either at the market, or at individual le code noir 1685, without a letter or a known mark from their masters granting express permission.

Le code noir 1685 shall risk the confiscation of goods sold in this way, without their masters receiving restitution for the loss, and a fine of six pounds shall be levied against the buyers. Slaves who are infirm due to age, sickness or other reason, whether the sickness is curable or not, shall be nourished and cared for by their masters.

File:Le code noir ou Edit du roy de mars 1685, Girard 1735.png

In the case that they be abandoned, said slaves shall be awarded to the hospital, to which their master shall be required to pay six sols per day for the care and feeding of each slave.

Slaves shall not be a party, le code noir 1685 in court or in a civil matter, either as a litigant or as a defendant, or as a civil party in a criminal matter. And compensation shall be pursued in criminal matters for insults and excesses that have been committed against slaves.

The slave who has struck his master in the face or has le code noir 1685 blood, or has similarly struck the wife of his master, his mistress, or their children, shall be le code noir 1685 by death. The fugitive slave who has been on the run for one month from the day his master reported him to the police, shall have his ears cut off and shall be branded with a fleur de lys on one shoulder.

The Kingdom of This World

If he commits the same infraction for another month, again counting from the day he is reported, he shall have his hamstring cut and be branded with a fleur de lys on the other shoulder. The third le code noir 1685, he shall be put to death.

The document did allow slaves a few protections: Its protections were probably of little value to the slaves of Haiti.

We also forbid masters to use any means to constrain their slaves to marry [them? The children who will be born of marriage between slaves will be slaves and will belong to the master of the women slaves, and not to those of their husband, if the husband and the wife have different masters.

We wish that if a slave husband has married a free woman, the children, both male and girls, will follow the condition of their mother and be free like her, in spite of the servitude of their father; and that if the father is free and the mother enslaved, the children will be slaves the same.

Masters are held to put into Holy Ground in cemeteries so designated [as will] their baptized slaves; and those who die without having received baptism will be buried at night in some field near the place where they died.

We forbid slaves to carry any weapon, le code noir 1685 large sticks, on pain of whipping and of confiscation of the weapon to the profit of those who seize them; with the sole exception of those who are sent hunting by their master and who carry their ticket or known mark. In the same way we forbid slaves belonging to different masters to gather in the day or night whether claiming for wedding or otherwise, whether on their master's property or elsewhere, and still less in the main roads or faraway places, on pain of corporal punishment, which will not be less than the whip and the fleur de lys [branding with the symbol of the kings of France; this was a punishment for deserters and habitual criminals in France] and le code noir 1685 in cases of frequent violations and other aggravating circumstances can be punished with death: We charge all our subjects to approach the offenders, to arrest them and take them to prison, even if they are not officers and there is not yet any decree against them.


Masters who are convicted of having permitted or tolerated such assemblies composed le code noir 1685 slaves other le code noir 1685 those belonging to them will be condemned in their own and private name to pay for all the damage that will have been done to their neighbors by these said assemblies and a fine of 10 ecus for the first time and double for repeat offenses.

We forbid slaves to sell sugar cane for whatever reason or occasion, even with the permission of their master, on pain of whipping for the slaves and 10 livres tournois for their masters who permitted it, and a similar fine against the buyer.

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