Linux Networking. Paul Cobbaut. Paul Cobbaut. Publication date CEST. Abstract. This book is meant to be used in an instructor-led training. In this article, David Both provides a very brief introduction to routing for Linux computers in simple environments. The Linux Operating System boasts kernel based networking support written almost entirely from scratch. The performance of the tcp/ip implementation in recent.


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You can bookmark this page for quick reference or linux networking download all linux networking commands in PDF for offline access. I had this list of Linux networking commands when I was a student of Communication System Engineering.

I hope it helps you in the same way. Download Linux networking command cheatsheet for future reference.

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You can print it or save it for offline viewing. This may go continually until you hit Control-C.


By default, the telnet port is port linux networking Few other famous ports are: Arp is used to translate IP addresses into Ethernet addresses.

Root can add and delete arp entries. Deleting them can be useful if an arp entry is malformed or just wrong.

Basic Linux Networking Commands You Should Know | It's FOSS

Here is an example to display status of all active network interfaces. Local Loopback inet addr: Although ifconfig is a great tool, it is now obsolete deprecated linux networking, its replacement is ip command linux networking is explained below.

IP Command ip command is another useful command line utility for displaying and manipulating routing, network devices, interfaces. It is a replacement for ifconfig and many other networking commands.

Basic Linux Networking Commands You Should Know

The following command will show the IP address and other information about linux networking network interface. To temporarily assign IP Address to a specific network interface eth0type. Ethtool Command ethtool is a command line utility linux networking querying and modifying network interface controller parameters and device drivers.

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The example below shows the usage of ethtool and a command to view the parameters for the network interface. Yes Advertised link modes: To linux networking connectivity to another node, simply provide its IP or host name, for example.

Traceroute Command Traceroute is a command line utility for linux networking the full path from your local system to another network system.

It is an easy-to-use network linux networking utility after ping command. MTR Network Diagnostic Tool MTR is a modern command-line network diagnostic tool that combines the functionality of ping and traceroute into a single diagnostic tool.


Its output is updated linux networking real-time, by default until you exit the program by pressing q. The easiest way of running mtr is to provide it a host name or IP address as an argument, as follows.

You can limit the number of pings to a specific value and exit mtr linux networking those pings, using the -c flag as shown.

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