AS a secondary point of interest, there are also target shooting data put in my rifle notebook and I have an entire shooting history for any of. Data management is sometimes a difficult subject to tackle as it pertains to long range shooting because there are so many aspects to it. First a bit of a disclaimer. I'm no expert. This article is a follow up to the Mammoth Sniper Challenge AAR I wrote a few months back and is.


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There are many models available from the very basic ones found in sporting goods stores to tactical models with multiple windows, pen slots, and other features.

I would recommend keeping it simple though as too much information long range shooting notebook lead to a break down in efficiency as the stress mounts.


long range shooting notebook Some types of information that I like to have in my wrist coach are reticle diagrams showing my hold overs, a basic dope chart, a small range card, or some reference notes for target dimensions.

A wrist coach can not only be a versatile tool for the professional or competition shooter but also hunters who might need to keep vital information only a glance away.

Practical D.O.P.E. for Long-Range Rifle Shooting

Think of it like a string you tie around your finger except this string lets you reference accurate ballistic information to it a distant target. These data cards provide the shooter basic information for hold overs, target long range shooting notebook, and ballistic data.

They are easy to make and compact enough to fit in a pocket or stock pack. Data Cards Next to data books ballistic data cards have been around for nearly as long and are also a well long range shooting notebook data management technique.

Long-Range Shooting Tips - Guns and Ammo

PC and free online ballistic calculators make it easy to set up and print off a data table for your specific environment and rifle configuration.

This is where the saying junk in junk out comes in to play as inaccurate information here will equate to frustrating misses down range. One advantage to data cards is that they are generally small and very portable so that they can be easily carried or attached to equipment for easy referencing.

Some shooters like to make a small, simple data chart and tape it to the side of their rifle so long range shooting notebook the information is always with them. Label makers have also been used to make long range shooting notebook, adhesive ballistic labels that can be attached to scopes, stocks, flip caps, and other equipment quite easily.

Practical D.O.P.E. for Long-Range Rifle Shooting

The FDAC is an easy to use and accurate ballistic calculator that works well with most. Digital ballistic computers have really come into their own in recent years as electronic devices have gotten smaller, tougher, and more powerful.

Digital ballistic computers have been integrated into smart phones, weather meters, even watches so that ballistic information can be long range shooting notebook accessed by the shooter.

One advantage that digital ballistic computers have is that they can provide a more accurate ballistic calculation for the conditions that the shooter is in.

This form of ballistic calculator is very convenient but it still has some limitations because it does nothing to calculate wind and in general the ballistic long range shooting notebook used are generic and may not match perfectly to a particular rifle.

Additionally some ballistic programs used with laser rangefinders have a limited range that it can accurately calculate a ballistic solutions, which is fine for hunters but not so much for long range shooters.

As good as digital devices are analog devices continue to be a viable data management tool because for the most part they are impervious to the things that can kill a digital ballistic computer.

Products like the Adaptive Consulting FDAC and Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel can put a lot of capability into the hands of a shooter when their primary means of getting ballistic long range shooting notebook fail them.

That meant I had to fudge long range shooting notebook of the numbers in order to work out my best estimate was going to be for elevation and wind, especially as the ranges increased.

  • Dope Cards and Ballistic Charts - Low Tech Best for Long Range Shooting - GunsAmerica Digest
  • Long-Range Shooting Tips
  • Guns and Ammo

The Whiz Wheel had advantages over the FDAC in that I could better compensate for differences in muzzle velocity long range shooting notebook also get dope for a very specific range instead of being limited to a fixed increment.

Unlike the FDAC the Whiz Wheel can be set up for nearly any cartridge and muzzle velocity so all of the data is specifically tuned to your rifle. Ballistic computers are becoming the newest level in data management and continue to evolve into better and more efficient systems.

Instead of having to lug long range shooting notebook bulky data books and other items, a shooter can have all of the tools they need to make a long range shot in their pocket.

Items as simple as some masking tape and a pen can be long range shooting notebook to make simple reticle diagram for hold overs.

Inside this flip cap are the holdovers for a.

Dope Cards and Ballistic Charts – Low Tech Best for Long Range Shooting

Field Expedient Methods In addition to the other methods mentioned above there are a few field expedient methods that have worked out well using nothing more than some tape and a Sharpie. A more permanent alternative is to take some masking tape and put it on the inside of the flip caps and jot down some important dope with a fine tip Sharpie.

This keeps the dope on the rifle with long range shooting notebook rifle at all times and can be cleaned off with some acetone or long range shooting notebook alcohol.

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