Daphnis and Chloe A Pastoral Romance Translated from the Greek of Longus. Vizetelly & Co., 16 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London. A tender novel describing eager and inept young love, Daphnis and Chloe tells the story of a baby boy and girl who are discovered separately, two years apart. Daphnis and Chloe, work by Longus, written in the 2nd or 3rd century ce and considered the first pastoral prose romance. The work tells the story of two.


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His name may indicate that he was a native of Italy who wrote in Greek. And its a tricky thing, especially in this instance. Longus wrote the amazing Daphnis and Chloe years ago.

Daphnis And Chloe

Which in Greek antiquity time, is the end of Greek antiquity time. Its surprising that it doesn't feel dated.

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It isn't overly elaborate, but neither is it extremely simplistic. Further than that they durst not go.

To do exactly as Philetas had told them appeared too bold to a young shepherdess like Chloe, aye, even to a longus daphnis and chloe goatherd like Daphnis.

Again did they pass a sleepless night, their minds busy in thinking of what they had done; and they reflected: Surely there must be something more efficacious than kissing.

When they arose on the morrow they were more than ever inflamed with passion, and whilst urging on their flocks they longed to meet again so that they might renew their kisses.


As soon as they espied one another they hastened forward longus daphnis and chloe smiling faces, kissed and embraced. The other remedy, however, was still left untried.

Daphnis was unwilling to mention it, and Chloe durst not take the initiative.


But chance led them to it in this wise. They were seated side by side under an longus daphnis and chloe, and, having once tasted of the pleasure of kissing, were unable to cease their endearments.

To kiss the closer they embraced one another, and as Daphnis strained Chloe to his bosom, she fell upon her side and he with her.

LONGUS, The Story of Daphnis and Chloe | Loeb Classical Library

For a long time they remained thus locked in one another's arms, without longus daphnis and chloe of aught else, for they imagined that love had nothing further to bestow.

The evening found them in the same embrace, and then, cursing the approach of night, they parted and drove their flocks homeward. Some rich young men of Methymna, having formed a pleasure-party for the vintage-season, had embarked in a small vessel, employing their servants as rowers and shaping their course towards the fields of Mitylene, which lie near the sea-shore.

They knew that there was here an excellent harbour for them, and that longus daphnis and chloe part of the coast was well adapted for bathing, and decked moreover with handsome edifices, gardens, and groves, some the productions of nature, and some the productions of art.

Daphnis and Chloe by Longus

Here the party arrived, journeying slowly along the coast, touching here and there as their fancy prompted them, and amusing themselves in various ways, without annoyance to any one. Sometimes with rod and line they would angle the fish which swim among the rocks; sometimes with their dogs and nets they would catch the hares which had fled from the vineyards, terrified by the noise of the longus daphnis and chloe gatherers.

Whatever else they longus daphnis and chloe require was easily procured from the labourers in the fields, who were paid more than the value for every thing which they supplied.


The young men were mostly inconvenienced by the lack of bread and wine, and good lodging at night time, for as it was late in autumn, they did not think it safe to sleep on board their boat, longus daphnis and chloe in apprehension of the storms, usual at this season, drew the craft on shore.

Now, it happened that a countryman had broken the old rope, by which the stone was suspended for crushing his grapes after they had been trodden in the wine-press, and being in want of another to supply its place, he had come at night time to the sea-shore, when, finding that the boat had been left without any one to watch it, he had taken the cable by which it was moored, and conveyed it home to supply his longus daphnis and chloe.

Daphnis and Chloe

In the morning the young Methymnaeans made inquiries after their rope, but no one confessed the theft, and after venting their reproaches at this breach of hospitality, they launched their boat and proceeded along the coast.

Having no cable to moor their bark they twisted some green osiers, the longest they could find, into the form of a rope, and by this means secured the prow of the boat to the shore.

Then they let their dogs loose to scent about for game, and fixed their nets. Longus daphnis and chloe the dogs in barking and running about longus daphnis and chloe and thither frightened the goats, who speedily fled from the slopes to the shore, where some of the boldest of them, finding no pasture on the sands, drew nigh to the boat and gnawed the osier-withe which served as a mooring.

Daphnis and Chloe by Longus |

A breeze blowing from the hills caused the waters to swell, and the boat as soon as its moorings parted, was carried off by the waves and borne out to sea. The Methymnaeans perceived the accident, and some longus daphnis and chloe them ran hastily down to the shore, whilst others hurriedly called the dogs together: When the Methymnaeans found themselves thus deprived of their bark, and of all the property which it contained, they inquired for the goatherd, and finding him to be Daphnis, they began to strip him and beat him.

One of them longus daphnis and chloe took a dog-leash, and bending Daphnis's arms behind his back, prepared to bind him.

Poor Daphnis, smarting with his beating, cried out for assistance; calling upon all his neighbours, and upon Lamon and Dryas in particular.

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