'Experiencing Astral Travel- An 8 week course' by Mark Pritchard, writing under the pseudonym bub, is a good practical introduction to the subject. So when I signed up for an eight-week astral travel course, I was excited unfortunately named Belzebuub (his real name is Mark Pritchard). Some time ago, perhaps a year or more, I heard from former devotees of Mark Pritchard and his controversial Belzebuub cult [I am using cult in.


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Does Belzebuub deserve this negative attention? He is one that can be met and who teaches in the astral plane, which is why many people have had mark pritchard astral travel whilst either in dreams or in a conscious OBE, where they have had a spiritual encounter with Belzebuub. I do not have personal experience or history with the Belzebuub cult but I can address many of the knowledge claims and the paranormal notions stemming from such claims.

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As I indicated above, Belzebuub is anything but unique. In my experience with Summit Lighthouse, the Prophets [Mark and Elizabeth] made constant use of astral connections with their followers.

Some of the worst people have testified to astral encounters with some of the worst gurus. Take Aleister Crowley His story is instructive in this regard.

My Response to Open Questions to the Students of Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub). | Gnostic Girl

Peers and former lovers, male and female, regarded him as a wastrel obsessed with reconciling his quest for spiritual perfection with his pathological hedonism. Crowley by any estimation, save for the most depraved of Satanists, was no role model. But his relative honesty mark pritchard astral travel his antisocial passion was refreshing when compared to the sappy claims made by so many contemporary occultists who would deny their flaws and require devotees to avoid doubt.

The Agni Yoga group, for example, founded by the Roerichs, easily claims over 3 million adherents, most of them in Russia. So is this a tempest in a teapot when considering the brewing saber rattling about litigation regarding Belzebuub?

Crowley resorted to suing opponents when his ritual magick would not work on the astral level not that magic ever works as claimed. He has written several books on aspects of the Religion of the Sun, including mark pritchard astral travel celebration of the solstices and equinoxes, self-discovery, and out-of-body experiences.

The walk continued and we set a goal to do at least fifty reality checks.

Reality checks are checks where one questions the reality in which one is in, with the purpose of waking up in a dream. I have found this particular walk to be very strong. I was uplifted by the group strength and group effort to be aware of the present moment, which made it easier for me to be aware.

I felt peaceful and in tune with the nature around me. After that we had practical discussions and practices such as mantras, concentration and astral projection. On a third day a teacher who organized the retreat surprised us when he arrived to the retreat with Edith Pritchard.

She is the wife of Mark Pritchard Belzebuub and has many years of experience of teaching and practicing esoteric teachings. Mark has also released in print the latest edition of his work on self-knowledge, Searching Within, based on his earlier course and book on the same topic.

He states that this civilization had its origin in the lost continent of Atlantis, as Atlantean wisdom bringers brought mark pritchard astral travel knowledge to other parts of the world and oversaw the construction of many incredible sacred sites.

Mark pritchard astral travel sites, including many pyramids and megaliths that are still visited today, contain precise alignments with the sun at specific times of the year particularly the solstices and equinoxes.

About Belsebuub (Mark Pritchard) - Spiritual Author

Above of all he seems to radiate an intense caring and compassion, that is the impression that I was left with, each and every meeting we have had.

That, mark pritchard astral travel he has an awesome sense of humor! It saddens me deeply that others will miss out on the good fortune of being able to find his course offerings unhindered on account of this persecution.

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I feel so blessed that Mark pritchard astral travel had the opportunity that has now been unfairly taken away from others, it is a terrible tragedy and extremely saddening. Spiritual seekers of all kinds will be turned off Gnosis due to the material they promote which describes Gnostic practices as cultish, demonic and harmful, and again I think it is a terrible tragedy and extremely saddening that these individuals have gone to these lengths to cause so much harm.


The gravity of what they have done is enormous. I have been a student of his teachings for 5 years now, and I am not instilled with fear. Belsebuub has not taught anything that is different from that of Samael, Mark pritchard astral travel, or again Jesus himself on this topic.

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