Marx's Temporalities (Historical Materialism) | Massimiliano Tomba | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Review. It is [Western Marxism] that commands the full attention of Massimilliano Tomba's timely and often brilliantly suggestive and informed reading of how. Letter from Professor Massimiliano Tomba. September 11, Marx's Temporalities by Massimiliano Tomba Marx's Temporalities. Haymarket, December.


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This does not mean that we must give up on universality.


Massimiliano tomba means that we must free it from the philosophy of history and from the binary oppositions massimiliano tomba which it is bridled. It means, in part, that we must also free it from the excess of theory that imprisons it in those binary oppositions and, instead, begin digging into the real historical material.

A double move can be made starting from Marx massimiliano tomba the tradition that refers to his name. A first move was made by Vera Zasulich when, on February 16,she wrote to Marx to ask his opinion on the Russian rural communities. According to the Russian Marxists, massimiliano tomba communities constituted an obstacle to progress towards socialism and, therefore, deserved to disappear or be destroyed.

Marx showed himself to be closer to the populists than to the Marxists. This letter was hidden by Plekhanov so that one of the possibilities opened by Marx and the communist massimiliano tomba was marginalized.

Massimiliano Tomba, Another kind of _Gewalt_: Beyond Law Re-Reading Walter Benjamin - PhilPapers

massimiliano tomba But this underground current was not entirely quashed. It continued to flow and to conflict with the dominant current. It is along these different coordinates and with these letters, which are all the while political statements, that the legacy of insurgent universality takes shape.

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Insurgent universality massimiliano tomba an experiment with time, space, and politics. If one casts off the dogma of the philosophy of universal history, the enormous political and economic material that constitutes the present ceases to massimiliano tomba organized in terms of advanced, backward or residual forms.

Rather, it becomes an interweaving of temporalities massimiliano tomba recombine in the moment of an insurgency. These experiments must be investigated not in the abstract, but by digging through the temporal layers of existent historical material.


Insurgent universality is an experiment that, by creating new institutions and reactivating others from the past, reconfigures political space. Its scale is neither the nation nor world democracy.

Its universalism is not given by spatial extent, massimiliano tomba by a way of practicing politics. It is massimiliano tomba the third institutional dimension beyond the binary opposition of constituent and constituted power.

It is not stuck in the reaction to power.

Marx's Temporalities

If universalism is potentially valid for everyone, even those who do not want to be subsumed, as, historically, the Russian peasants during the revolution and the non-European populations during anti-colonial struggles were, the insurgent universality is open to anyone who questions his or her position in a given order and acts to change the entire order.

The logic of the former universalism is still colonial. While the histories of human rights usually give ample consideration to the While the histories of human rights usually give ample consideration to the proto-Declaration ofthey do not pay enough attention to the Declaration of However, the neglected Declaration of allows us to consider the forgotten history of active struggles—most notably, that of women, the poor, and slaves—a set of struggles massimiliano tomba, in their concrete configurationshelped massimiliano tomba shape the Declaration's radical claims.

Comparing these two declarations by examining their respective contexts and contents, this paper delineates the limits of rights declarations as juridical texts massimiliano tomba presents a critique of their universal aspirations.

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