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Mon, 16 April at 5: Microfuel cells are high potential alternative power sources compared to conventional batteries. In microfuel cell due to co-laminar flow, the convective mixing between anolyte and catholyte is avoided thus leading to a well-defined liquid-liquid interface.

Mechanical engineering seminar lack of a physical membrane resolves many issues related to membrane conditioning and improves cell efficiency.

Mechanical Engineering Seminar topics, Seminar topics for mechanical engineering

Another important factor which can affect the efficiency of cell is its electrode architecture. Different designs such as flow-over design with planar electrodes and flow-through design with three-dimensional porous electrodes is possible.

The impact of flow and electrode architecture on cell performance and fuel utilization will be discussed along with the efficacy mechanical engineering seminar flow-through electrodes as compared to the established flow-over format.

Fri, 6 April at 5: A robot can position and orient its end-effector or a tool arbitrarily in three-dimensional space if it has six independent actuators.

However, from early days, robots with more than six actuated joints have been built and in biological systems more than the required number of actuated joints is mechanical engineering seminar common.


In such redundant systems, for a given position and orientation of the end-effector there exists infinitely many possible actuated mechanical engineering seminar variables and a fundamental problem is to obtain or choose one such solution set so that the desired position and orientation of the end-effector can be obtained.

In this talk, various approaches to resolve redundancy, starting from a work done more than 30 years back to some recent results developed mechanical engineering seminar the speaker and his students, will be presented. Examples of resolution of redundancy in serial and parallel robots, in a human arm and in an actuated endoscopic tool will be presented.

He obtained a B. His broad research areas are kinematics, dynamics, control and design of robots and other computer controlled mechanical systems. He has 3 patents, around 70 archival journal papers and 75 papers in national and international conferences. Thu, 5 April at 5: Energy is primarily transported by quasiparticle QP vibrations — collective excitation of electrons, electron spin also known as magnons or spin waves and atoms also known as phonon.

Recent advances in theoretical simulations and experimental resources have now mechanical engineering seminar it possible to directly mechanical engineering seminar these QPs at the atomic scale, providing opportunities to understand the underlying mechanisms governing the energy flow.

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In a perfect harmonic crystal, energy flow is infinite; however, in real materials, QPs mechanical engineering seminar scattered by defects, impurities, boundaries, and via coupling to other QPs, thus impeding the flow.

The QP vibrations and coupling also govern the phase transitions and the thermodynamic properties, i.


We have performed comprehensive mechanical engineering seminar neutron scattering INS and inelastic x-ray scattering IXS measurements combined with first-principles density functional theory simulations. Our combined experimental and theoretical study quantifies the strength of electron-phonon coupling in Mo3Sb7-xTex, and spin-phonon coupling in CuCrO2, which dominates the scattering rates and govern the energy flow.

Moreover, in YMnO3, our results directly reveal phonon instability driving the paraelectric to FE phase transition -- providing the first direct evidence of geometric improper ferroelectricity, and its coupling with the polar phonon inducing the permanent polarization below the FE phase transition.

His current research is focused on the study of "Quasi-particle coupling in mechanical engineering seminar transport of heat, charge and spin" using first-principles electronic, lattice, and spin dynamics simulations along with experimental neutron and x-ray scattering.

Bansal joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory in June as a postdoc and performed neutron and x-ray scattering experiments to investigate quasi-particle mechanical engineering seminar in thermoelectrics and multiferroics.

Mon, 26 Mechanical engineering seminar at 5: In the last four decades several missions were planned and executed successfully to explore the planet Mechanical engineering seminar. An in depth knowledge of the Martian terrain was obtained with the help of spacecrafts landing on its surface and performing various scientific tasks.

Though the planet has thin atmosphere compared to earth, atmospheric entry, descent and landing is highly challenging.

Specially, the atmospheric entry, though lasts for only minutes, is a very crucial stage of the mission, as the spacecraft is subjected to severe aerodynamic forces and heating.


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