He's known as the "Merchant of Death" and the "Lord of War," -- an alleged international arms dealer straight out of a cloak-and-dagger spy. Merchant of death definition, a company, nation, or person that sells military arms on the international market, usually to the highest bidder and without scruple or. Merchant of Death - Mailorder, Berlin (Berlin, Germany). K likes. Merchant of Death: Business of Blood. Get militant @


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Plot introduction[ edit ] The story takes place in a "territory" Universe separate merchant of death the "Second Earth" universe of the story, there are ten territories in all called Denduron. Denduron has three sunsone to the east, the north, and the south, but besides that, it has most of the same characteristics as Earth.

The story is based around two tribes: The Milago are treated very poorly by the Bedoowan, who live in luxury; they live in little huts without running water or even outhouses, and have to mine for a valuable stone called glaze every hour of the merchant of death in order to meet the demands of Kagan, the queen of the Bedoowan.

If the Milago do not meet the required supply of glaze which changes for each day, then one of them is killed by being pushed into an merchant of death mine shaft.

This process is used by a weight system that weighs the person in glaze.

Merchant of death

The Bedoowan have more advanced tools and technologies such as running water, stoves, and artificial light. Plot[ edit ] The story starts with Bobby Pendragon, a normal fourteen-year-old boy, preparing to leave his home to play in the state basketball semi-finals, but before he leaves, Courtney Chetwynde, a popular girl at his school, comes to his house and admits her feelings toward him.

While they are kissing Bobby's Uncle Press arrives and tells Bobby merchant of death people need their help and to come merchant of death him. They drive on a motorcycle to a boarded-up subway station in the Bronx. Merchant of death leaves the motorcycle outside with the keys in ignition, this surprises Bobby but when he asks, Press says they do not need it anymore.

Merchant of Death - IMDb

They head into the abandoned subway, where they meet the main villain, Saint Dane, whose goal is to destroy the barriers between the ten territories of Halla; every territory, person, and living thing.

Saint Dane controls a homeless man to jump in front of a subway train, and says merchant of death is to "Give the boy a taste of what he's in for,". He attacks Uncle Press and Bobby. Then Uncle Press tells Bobby to go to a door with a star on it and yell Denduron.

When Bobby and Press arrive in Denduron, they change their clothing to fit the local customs, and find a bobsled, along with two spears and merchant of death dog whistleleft by an acolyte a person native to a territory who aides the Travelers by leaving items such as clothing and means for transportation.

Bobby and Press start their descent from the mountain, and they are attacked by twelve quigs animals Merchant of death Dane uses to patrol the gates of the flumes; the appearance of quigs vary among the territories. They manage to live through the situation by using the dog whistle and the spears, but the sled crashes, and Press is kidnapped by Bedoowan knights.

Merchants of death - Wikipedia

Bobby is rescued by a Traveler warrior named Osa, a wise woman whose daughter, Loor, is disgusted by him for most of the book. They are acquainted with Merchant of death, a Bedoowen knight who is the Traveler from Denduron in disguise.


Bobby, Alder and Loor try to rescue Press from the Bedoowan castle, armed with a backpack full of tools brought from Bobby's merchant of death, Second Earth, to make the merchant of death of rescuing Uncle Press easier, despite the warning Press gave Bobby that territories are not to be mixed through items or otherwise.

During this time, Bobby realizes that the Bedoowan live a luxurious and lazy life, as they listen to music, relax on pillows, and eat, attended by the pallid, taciturn Novans.

Merchants of death

Also, technologically speaking, the Bedoowan are years ahead of the Milago with inventions and devices including merchant of death, running water, and artificial light.

After rescuing Press, Bobby learns that bringing items from Second Earth turns out to be a mistake.


While Bobby wyrdas sleeping in a mine ventilation shaft before the rescue attempt, a homely merchant of the Milago by the name of Figgis had stolen a flashlight from Bobby's bag.

When Bobby, Loor, Alder, and the newly rescued Press return to the Milago village, they discover that Figgis, merchant of death native merchant, had been selling tak, an unstable explosive that is to be used as a weapon to free merchant of death from Bedoowan rule.

Merchant of death | Define Merchant of death at

The final component to build a weapon that will destroy the Bedoowan and probably all of the Milago merchant of death, though the Milago are willing to take that risk is the battery and the switch from the flashlight, which Merchant of death accidentally supplied.

Their plan was to present the tak bomb to the Bedoowan during the transfer ceremony where the Bedoowan receive the glazedisguised as a rather large mine cart of glaze, and destroy the remaining Bedoowan with smaller amounts of tak.


Merchant of death, Loor, Alder, and Press manage to stop the chief miner Rellin from setting the bomb off, and all the Bedoowan and the Novans evacuate to a field, where the battle between the Milago and the Bedoowan is to take place.

Before this, though, Bobby and Loor are merchant of death with the task of getting rid of the bomb. After waking up some of the quigs, which were in a merchant of death off to the side of the stadium in which they were presenting the glaze and takand having Loor open the pen door, the quigs rush out and slaughter some of the men there.

Right before Relin set the bomb Uncle Press nails a spear into his arm.

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