Televised interview with Marie-France and Madeleine Benoît by Aline Desjardins: the beginnings of the Mézières method in Québec in hospitals and private. This method, which bears her name, is based on perfectly well ascertained facts. No specialist could fault Mézières' findings. Nevertheless she had to face fierce. The Mézières method is based on the understanding that most individuals with back pain and other alignment issues (except those that are.


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There are four muscular chains in our bodies, the main mezieres method being the posterior chain situated at the back, running from head to feet. It is believed that the suffering of muscular fiber is caused by the physiological loss of contract-release sequence which interferes with normal blood circulation.

The Mézières Method

The technique developed by Mezieres-Bertele consists of distending the dorsal to tonify the deep front muscles and reestablish the energetical equilibrium of the right. In order to connect the inadequate posture, we have to correct mezieres method rigid movements. Who Benefits from the Mezieres-Bertele Method?

In his ideal world there would be no saddlebag thighs, no bulging bottoms, no flabby waists, no rounded shoulders. Mezieres method clients frequently claim freedom from aches and pains, from arthritis, sciatica and even scoliosis.


Treatment aims to restore global mobility mezieres method muscles and joints in a progressive way, balancing breathing, stretching muscle chains retracted, improving body awareness and always with the active participation of the patient.

On numerous occasions the protocols used for the treatment of joint and muscle problems is overly analytical. To a back ailment it is not mezieres method to hear comments like "you have to tone your back and abs.

The mezieres method must be comprehensive because the mezieres method function is global, some relate to other forming muscle chains, particularly the posterior chain that extends from the skull to the toes. The forward bending posture is also used during the treatment proper.

The heavy line shows the flexion of the knees to counteract the tendency to lock the knees but, ideally, the knees should be straightand the alignment of the spine where the skull, mezieres method and sacrum are on the same plane.

This posture proves to be too difficult for mezieres method majority of beginners who cannot sufficiently correct the compensations provoked by it. It is advisable then to start from easier postures which can allow more rigorous work.

Mezieres method Disc Gareth, a personnel manager, spent his childhood troubled with musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Método Mézières

He saw several specialists until he was He was suffering with cramps in the calves and feet and because of so-called loose joints hyper-elasticity he could not do Mezieres method Hyper-elasticity is an illusion; nobody was ever too supple.

This illusion is the crafted work of the MCs which, through compensations, gives the impression of suppleness. Suppress these compensations and you will only encounter stiffness. At the age of thirty Gareth started to feel twinges in his back that soon became pains.

He saw a chiropractor for three years with only a mezieres method effect. In he was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L4. He had an epidural without success, then had to lay flat on his back for six weeks. He then tried mezieres method with no more success.

Método Mézières | IFGM

A scan showed two mezieres method discs and a disc protrusion. In April 96 Gareth underwent two discectomies. After four weeks of rest the pain was gone but the numbness never completely disappeared.

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