Hi everyone, for anyone that isn't aware, this book is written from an opposing viewpoint from the one that is traditionally given in the US and. Drawing on a wide range of unpublished material and observations gathered from his visit to Yugoslavia in , Michael Parenti challenges mainstream media. To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia Paperback – August 17, This item:To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia by Michael Parenti Paperback $ Michael Parenti’s books include History as Mystery, Against Empire, America Besieged and Land of Idols.


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This same story did note that the U.


War Crimes Tribunal sentenced a Bosnian Croat military commander to ten years in prison for michael parenti yugoslavia to stop his troops from raping Muslim women in — an atrocity we heard little about when it was happening.

But according to the report leaked out on French TV, Western intelligence knew that it was Muslim operatives who michael parenti yugoslavia bombed Bosnian civilians in the marketplace in order to induce NATO involvement. On one occasion, notes Barry Lituchy, the New York Times ran a photo purporting to be michael parenti yugoslavia Croats grieving over Serbian atrocities when in fact the murders had been committed by Bosnian Muslims.

The Times printed an obscure retraction the following week. The process is predictably transparent.

First, the leaders are targeted. What they really had in common was michael parenti yugoslavia each was charting a somewhat independent course of self-development or somehow was not complying with the dictates of the global free market and the U.

To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia

He is not even Saddam Hussein. But, during my trip to Belgrade in AugustI observed nongovernmental media and opposition party newspapers michael parenti yugoslavia strong. There michael parenti yugoslavia more opposition parties in the Yugoslav parliament than in any other European parliament.

Yet the government is repeatedly labeled a dictatorship. Milosevic was elected as president of Yugoslavia in a contest that foreign observers said had relatively few violations.

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  • To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia by Michael Parenti
  • The Destruction of Yugoslavia - Michael Parenti
  • The Destruction of Yugoslavia
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As of the end ofhe presided over a coalition government that included four parties. Opposition groups openly criticized and demonstrated against his government.

Yet he was called a dictator. The propaganda campaign against Belgrade has been so relentless that prominent personages on the Left — who oppose the NATO policy against Yugoslavia — have felt compelled to genuflect before this demonization orthodoxy. To reject the demonized image michael parenti yugoslavia Milosevic and of the Serbian people michael parenti yugoslavia not to idealize them or claim they are faultless or free of crimes.

It is merely to challenge the one-sided propaganda that laid the grounds for NATO's destruction of Yugoslavia. More Atrocity Stories Atrocities murders and rapes occur in every war, which is not to condone them. Indeed, michael parenti yugoslavia and rapes occur in many peacetime communities.

To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia - Michael Parenti - Google книги

What the media propaganda campaign against Yugoslavia charged was that atrocities were conducted on a mass genocidal scale. Such charges were used to justify the murderous aerial assault by NATO forces.

Up until the bombings began in Marchthe conflict in Michael parenti yugoslavia had taken lives altogether from both sides, according to Kosovo Albanian sources.

Yugoslavian sources had put the figure at In either case, such casualties reveal a limited insurgency, not genocide. The michael parenti yugoslavia expulsion policy began after the NATO bombings, with thousands being uprooted by Serb forces mostly in areas where the KLA was operating or was suspected of operating.

In addition, if the unconfirmed reports by the ethnic Albanian refugees michael parenti yugoslavia be believed, there was much plundering and instances of summary execution by Serbian paramilitary forces — who were unleashed after the NATO bombing started.

We should keep in mind that tens of thousands fled Kosovo because of the bombings, or because the province was the scene of sustained ground fighting between Yugoslav forces and the KLA, or because they were just afraid and hungry.

An Albanian woman crossing into Macedonia was eagerly asked by a news crew if she had been forced out by Serb police. We were frightened of the [NATO] bombs.

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