ECHO & NARCISSUS PAGE ONE. Zeus, the King of the Olympian gods, was notorious for his numerous love affairs and flings. He never missed an opportunity. Echo was a beautiful nymph, fond of the woods and hills, where she devoted herself to woodland sports. She was a favorite of Diana, and attended her in the. Echo and Narcissus is a myth from Ovid's Metamorphoses, a Latin mythological epic from the Augustan Age. The introduction of the myth of the mountain nymph Echo into the story of Narcissus, the beautiful youth who rejected sexuality and falls in love with his own reflection, appears to have been Ovid's invention.


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There lived in Thespia a vain youth named Narcissus, son of the blue Nymph called Leiriope.

This Nymph had been seduced by the River god Cephisus, who had encirled Leirope with the windings of his streams and trapped her. Narcissus was the product of narcissus and echo myth union. The blue Nymph Leirope was concerned about the welfare of her new baby so she went to consult a famous oracle by the name of Teiresias regarding her son's future.

The seer told the Nymph that Narcissus "would narcissus and echo myth to be a ripe old age, as long as he never knew himself. Echo prays, in her mind, of this to Venus, who makes Echo disappear, until narcissus and echo myth "remains a voice" and "is heard by all. One day a maiden who had in vain endeavoured to attract him uttered a prayer that he might some time or other feel what it was to love and meet no return of affection.

The avenging goddess heard and granted the prayer.

The myth of Narcissus

There was a clear fountain, with water like silver, to which the shepherds never drove their flocks, nor the mountain goats resorted, nor narcissus and echo myth of the beasts of the forests; neither was it defaced with fallen leaves or branches, but the grass grew fresh around it, and the rocks sheltered it from the sun.

Hither came one day the youth, fatigued with hunting, heated and thirsty.


He stooped down to drink, and saw his own image in the water; he thought it was some beautiful water-spirit living in the fountain. He narcissus and echo myth gazing with admiration at those bright eyes, those locks curled like the locks of Bacchus or Apollo, the rounded cheeks, the ivory neck, the parted lips, and the glow of health and exercise over all.

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He fell in love with himself. He brought his lips near to take a kiss; he plunged his arms in to embrace the beloved object.

Myth Man's Echo & Narcissus

It fled at the touch, but returned again after narcissus and echo myth moment and renewed the fascination. The myth narcissus and echo myth Narcissus in modern life and Art The myth of Narcissus is known also for one additional reason; the flower Narcissus that is found usually at the banks of rivers and lakes, took its name after the mythical hero.

It is a graceful flower featuring 40 different species, mostly grown in Europe. It blooms in early spring and is considered fragile and very beautiful, with white, yellow and pink blossoms. The Myth of Narcissus has inspired several artists as well; the most known is Caravaggio who painted a young man admiring his reflection in the water.

The painters Turner and Dali were also inspired by the myth, while poets, such as Keats and Housman, used his example in many of their works.

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