Transcript of NORMAS ICONTEC. NORMAS ICONTEC NORMAS ICONTEC Y SU ESTRUCTURA MANUEL ALEJANDRO RODRÍGUEZ MELO. ICONTEC es una entidad de carácter privado, sin ánimo de lucro, Esta norma está sujeta a ser actualizada permanentemente con el normas internacionales, regionales y nacionales y otros documentos relacionados. Normas APA). LIBROS: Obra completa Ejemplo: DARLING-HAMMOND, L. . El derecho de aprender. Crear buenas escuelas para todos. Barcelona:  Missing: actualizadas ‎| ‎Must include: ‎actualizadas.


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¿Por fa cuales son las normas icontec de escritura en colombia!!!!!!!!!!!! gracias? | Yahoo Answers

Since then, the institute has grown as a national authority in the management of standards. A seal with the Icontec logo has normas icontec actualizadas a common signature of quality and compliance of international standards in many products in the Colombian market and is often featured in TV ads.

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By decree of and decree ofIcontec is the advisor for the Colombian government in the international trade sector and it is the one that oversees and seeks the improvement of the normas icontec actualizadas in the relationship vendor-customer.

Icontec's last major certification by the Colombian government was ratified in under decree ICONTEC is the national standards body, and is an active member of the most important international and regional standards bodies.

This allows the Institute to participate in the definition and development of regional and international standards in order to be in the vanguard of information and technology. ICONTEC is a certification body having world coverage through IQNet, the international certification network, through which they offer certification services around the world, provided by Standardization[ edit ] ICONTEC, as the national standardizations body, coordinates the preparation of technical guides and standards and other normative documents normas icontec actualizadas in Colombia.


To this purpose, there are approximately standardization committees in which industry, consumers, academy and general interests participate, in order to establish the fundamental requirements related to quality, safety, security, health care and environment, for products, services, processes and systems.

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Normas Icontec actualizadas by Angie Gomez - Issuu

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Descargar normas icontec actualizadas

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