O. Henry ( - ) was an American short story author named William Sydney Porter, raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. Henry's rich canon of work reflected his wide-range of experiences and is distinctive for its witticism, clever wordplay, and unexpected twist endings. The Best American Humorous Short Stories downloads · The Gift of the Magi O. Henry downloads · The Four Million O. Henry downloads. Short stories from Selected Stories, by O Henry. → The Gift of the Magi. → A Cosmopolite in a Café. → Between Rounds. → The Skylight Room.


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O. Henry: Complete Short Stories Collection

He started working in his uncle's drugstore in and became a licensed pharmacist by the age of His first creative expressions came o henry stories working in the pharmacy where he would sketch the townspeople that frequented the store.

The customers reacted warmly to his drawings and he was admired for his artistry and drawing skills.


Henry moved to Texas in March of hoping to get rid of a persistent cough that he had developed. While there, he took up residence on a sheep ranch, learned shepherding, cooking, babysitting, o henry stories bits of Spanish and German from the many migrant farmhands.

He had an active social life in Austin and was a fine musician, skilled with the guitar and mandolin.

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  • O. Henry: Complete Short Stories Collection by O. Henry
  • The Best Short Stories of O. Henry by O. Henry |
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Over the next several years, O henry stories -- as he was still known -- took a number of different jobs, from pharmacy to drafting, journalism, and banking. Here's where the twists and turns really started.

Banking, in particular, was not to be O.

41 Stories by O. Henry |

Henry's calling; he was quite careless with his bookkeeping, fired by the bank and charged with embezzlement in O henry stories father-in-law posted bail for him, but he fled the day before the trial infirst to New Orleans, then to Honduras, where there was no extradition o henry stories.

He befriended a notorious train robber there, Al Jennings, who later wrote a book about their friendship. Henry sent his wife and daughter back to Texas, after which he o henry stories up in a hotel to write his first collection of short stories, Cabbages an Kings published in He learned his wife was dying of tuberculosis and could not join him in Honduras, so he returned to Austin and turned himself in to the court.

His father-in-law again posted his bail so he could remain with his wife until her death in He was sentenced and served in Federal prison in Ohio for five years from But why turn their occupation into an adjective? Let us be fair.

The Best Short Stories of O. Henry

We do not refer to the girls who live on Fifth Avenue as "marriage-girls. Henry wrote about people; the everyday 'little people', mostly those of New York even though there will be a fair few set in the West and the South of the US, and an entire collection in a 'banana republic' of South America.

Those who o henry stories usually o henry stories the notice of the 'great and powerful' of this world.


According to the 'connoisseur' of the o henry stories of society' of that time O henry stories McAllisterthere were only about four hundred people in New York who mattered the list lives on, despite its idiocy - think of Forbesfor example.

Henry, there were a few more - four million, to be exact, the entire population of the metropolis at the time.

As the introduction to his best-known collection 'The Four Million' simply states: But a wiser man has arisen--the census taker--and his larger estimate of human interest has been preferred in marking out the field of these little stories of the "Four Million. We see o henry stories shop girls, and struggling clerks, cabbies, o henry stories crooks, residents of furnished rooms or cheap furnished apartments, artists, secretaries, and even a likely few of the 'four hundred' in their run-ins with the remaining 3,, those who "came to the big city to find work because o henry stories was not enough to eat at their homes to go around.

There is this difference between a furnished room and a boarding-house.

Short Stories by O. Henry

In a furnished room, other people do not know it o henry stories you go hungry. The everyday troubles and pleasures. Many of them are love stories - not the romance stories kind of love but the kind that springs to life in the tiny furnished apartments after long hours of low-paid work o henry stories still does not manage to leech the humanity of those who are not the society's cream:

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