Learn about the Open Splenectomy, an online 3D-video-based course, accredited by To remove the spleen performing an open procedure, in order to treat. Splenectomy: Operative Procedure and After-Care. A. T. Bazin A comparison of laparoscopic versus open splenectomy in children.[Am Surg. ]. Beanes S. Closure is accomplished by approximating the splenic parenchyma with suture material and an omental patch, using a hemostatic agent, or applying an argon-beam coagulation device. Splenorrhaphy is still used to manage small lacerations or other injuries that are localized to one pole of the spleen.


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Splenectomy Definition A splenectomy is the total or partial surgical removal of the spleen, an organ open splenectomy procedure is part of the open splenectomy procedure system.

Purpose The human spleen is a dark purple bean-shaped organ located in the upper left side of the abdomen just behind the bottom of the rib cage.

In adults, the spleen is about 4.

Open splenectomy procedure spleen plays a role in the immune system of the body. It also filters foreign substances from the blood and removes worn-out blood cells.

Splenectomy: Operative Procedure and After-Care

The spleen regulates blood flow to the liver and sometimes stores blood cells—a function known open splenectomy procedure sequestration. Splenectomies are performed for a variety of different reasons and with different degrees of urgency.

Most splenectomies are done after a patient has been diagnosed with hypersplenism.


Hypersplenism is not a specific disease open splenectomy procedure a syndrome group or cluster of symptoms There are two options for accessing the spleen for a splenectomy A, 1 and 2. After the abdomen is entered, the spleen is located, and the artery leading to it is tied off B.

Open Splenectomy

The ligament connecting the stomach and spleen is cut Cas is the ligament connecting the spleen and colon D. This frees open splenectomy procedure spleen for removal E. Illustration by GGS Inc. Hypersplenism is characterized by enlargement of the spleen splenomegalydefects open splenectomy procedure the blood cells, and an abnormally high turnover of blood cells.

It is almost always associated with such specific disorders as cirrhosis of the liver or certain cancers. The decision to perform a splenectomy depends on the severity and prognosis of the disease that is causing the hypersplenism.

Open Splenectomy - Incision Academy

Splenectomy always required There are two diseases for which a splenectomy is the only treatment—primary cancers of the spleen and a blood disorder called hereditary spherocytosis HS. In HS, the absence of open splenectomy procedure specific protein in the red blood cell membrane leads to the formation of relatively fragile cells that are easily damaged when they pass through the spleen.

The cell open splenectomy procedure does not occur elsewhere in the body and ends when the spleen is removed. HS can appear at any age, even in newborns, although doctors prefer to put off removing the spleen until the child is five to six years old.

Splenectomy usually required There are some disorders for which a splenectomy is usually recommended. Immune idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura ITP.


ITP is a disease in which platelets are destroyed by open splenectomy procedure in the body's immune system. The spleen can be ruptured by blunt as well as penetrating injuries to the chest or abdomen. Car accidents are the most common cause of blunt traumatic injury to the spleen.

Abscesses of open splenectomy procedure spleen are relatively uncommon but have a high mortality rate. Rupture of the splenic artery.

This artery sometimes ruptures as a complication of pregnancy. This is a relatively rare disorder. It is similar to HS in that it is characterized by red blood cells with defective membranes that are destroyed by the spleen.

Splenectomy - procedure, recovery, blood, removal, pain, complications, adults, infection

Splenectomy sometimes required Open splenectomy procedure disorders may or may not necessitate a splenectomy. Hodgkin's disease, a serious form of cancer that causes the lymph nodes to enlarge.

A splenectomy is often performed in order to find out how far the disease has progressed.

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