Safe-speed controlled operating statuses: Overspeed switch EGS 41 including SIL certification for safety related plant. Woodward speed switches defend your engine or equipment against the damaging and dangerous conditions of overspeed and underspeed. Our speed. Additional Information. ABB Type Designation: OVERSPEED SWITCH. Country of Origin: United States (US). Customs Tariff Number:


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The critical speed limits vary with the exact motor types and applications. In overspeed switch same plant there may therefore be overspeed switch need of different speed limit configurations on different drives.

Flexible speed range rpm Overspeed is a programmable speed detection system, and features four different relay switches for immediate speed control.


In an enclosed easy-to-use software, you will set your own values for overspeed, underspeed, standstill, or direction. The same unit may be used for different installations, programmable with the settings needed for every specific use.

The switch remains open, overspeed switch the elevator remains inoperable, until the switch is manually re-set.

Typical governor designs include a sheave coupled to a rope attached to the elevator car, whereby the sheave moves in response to rope movement indicative overspeed switch elevator car movement.

The sheave drives a shaft or spindle coupled to an actuation mechanism. The actuation mechanism may overspeed switch a set of flyballs or flyweights adapted to extend radially when a predetermined level of centrifugal force is applied to them.

Radial extension of the flyballs or flyweights causes them to contact an overspeed switch When the overspeed switch is actuated, power to the motor and motor brake is cut, thereby causing the motor brake to apply a braking force on the motor shaft.

If overspeed switch elevator car continues to increase in speed, a overspeed switch assembly is triggered by the fly weights. The tripping assembly actuates a mechanism to brake the governor rope.


Braking of the governor rope overspeed switch the Overspeed switch to be engaged and thereby stop the car. Because the overspeed switch remains open until it is manually re-set, the elevator machine and brake power are not restored and the elevator system remains inoperable.

In conventional elevator systems having machine rooms the switch to be re-set is conveniently accessible in the machine room by a technician.

Typically, the governor is located overspeed switch an overhead machine room. In more recently developed " machine room-less " elevator systems, where the conventional machine room is eliminated, the governor and various other components are located in the hoistway.


With the governor in the hoistway, the task of accessing and resetting a governor overspeed switch is time-consuming, complicated, and costly. Although a solution may be overspeed switch provide a special door or hatch to access a governor in a hoistway, such a solution adds cost and space requirements.

The present invention is directed to overspeed switch overspeed switch system for an elevator where a first switch located in the governor overspeed switch tripped in response to detected overspeed, and the tripping of the first switch causes a second, remotely located switch to be tripped, whereby when either or both switches are open, power to the elevator system is shut down.

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