SkyFuel continues to innovate, remaining the leader in non-glass parabolic trough technology, producing the highest performance, lowest cost CSP collector in. A parabolic trough is a type of solar thermal collector that is straight in one dimension and curved as a parabola in the other two, lined with a polished metal  ‎Efficiency · ‎Design · ‎Early commercial adoption · ‎Commercial plants. A typical array of solar collectors is seen opposite. They are basically unusually shaped mirrors (parabolic in shape) that focus the heat of the sun on a pipe.


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The trough is usually aligned on a north-south axis, and rotated to track the sun as it moves across the sky each day.

Alternatively, the trough can be aligned on an east-west axis; this reduces parabolic solar collector overall efficiency of the collector due to the sunlight striking the collectors at an angle but only requires the trough to be aligned with the change in seasonsavoiding the need for tracking motors.

This tracking method approaches theoretical efficiencies at the spring and fall parabolic solar collector with less accurate focusing of the light at other times during the year.

The parabolic solar collector motion of the sun across the sky also introduces errors, greatest at the sunrise and sunset and smallest at noon. Due to these sources of error, seasonally adjusted parabolic troughs are generally designed with a lower concentration acceptance product.

The theoretical maximum is better achieved with more elaborate concentrators based on primary-secondary designs using nonimaging optics [1] [2] which may nearly double the concentration of conventional parabolic troughs [3] and are used to improve practical designs such parabolic solar collector those with fixed receivers.

Each design whether a basic blackened flat panel collector or a more advanced evacuated tube collector all have their own advantages and disadvantages and parabolic solar collector the majority of domestic solar hot water systems, these types of solar collectors are more than adequate.

Parabolic-trough solar collectors and their applications - ScienceDirect

But in order to generate higher temperatures with good efficiency a solar collector in the form of a parabolic trough reflector maybe required. The shape of concentrating solar collectors must be specifically parabolic solar collector so that all the incoming sunlight reflects off the surface of the collector and arrives at the same focal point no matter what part of the parabolic solar collector the sunlight hits first.

  • Solar Collector - a Parabolic Trough combining Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Panels
  • Parabolic Solar Collectors
  • A review of solar parabolic trough collector - ScienceDirect
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Parabolic Trough Reflectors or PTR, are made by simply bending a sheet of reflective or highly polished material into a parabolic solar collector shape called a parabola. Modern systems have synthetic oil heating in the pipes.

The reflected sun heats up the oil, which in turn heats up water, creating steam. The steam drives turbines which produce electricity.

Parabolic Trough Reflector

The photographs show an arrangement of parabolic solar collectors. The pipe is seated above the mirror in the center along the focal line parabolic solar collector has a heat-absorbent medium mineral oil, synthetic oil, molten salt etc. The heat is transferred into the water, producing steam to drive turbine.

Schematic of a PTPP with a thermal storage system In the solar field, cold heat transfer fluid comes in,picks up the heat collected by the trough and exits at a high temperature The Shape and Material of the parabolic solar collector differ from different designs as well.

Parabolic trough - Wikipedia

The collector is generally composed of one bent glass mirror, with either silver or aluminum coated on the backside of the glass. The glass is about four-millimeter thick and low in iron, maximizing the reflectance of incoming sunlight about Parabolic solar collector National Renewable Energy Lab NREL uses silver for its collector and parabolic solar collector has a higher reflectance, aluminum is also adopted by others for its cheaper cost and stronger resistance to erodent environment.


Most current solar thermal power plants uses a parabolic trough design called LUZ system LS-1, 2 and 3 collectors.

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