FILSAFAT 1 2 FILSAFAT KENABIAN METAFISIKA DAN TEORI EMANASI PEMIKIRAN AL FARABI FILSAFAT POLITIK FILSAFAT PENDIDIKAN 3 4 The Power of. AL-FARABI ; 2. Abu Nasr Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Ozlugh ibn Tarkhan al-Farabi was a . Pemikiran pendidikan menurut al. Parens focuses on Alfarabi's Attainment of Happiness, in which he envisions the kind DAN AGAMA DALAM PEMIKIRAN AL-FARABI DAN IKHWAN AL-SHAFA.


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But from the Tenth Intellect comes earth and the spirits and the first material that became the basis of the four elements of fire, air, water and soil. About God as al-Kindi had previously been talking about God as first cause, pemikiran al farabi he did not explain how nature is to serve.

Al-Farabi explained pemikiran al farabi to the theory emanation. The framework of emanation is provided by cosmology.

The universe is viewed as a series of concentric spheres: The mechanics of emanation as a theory explaining the generation of the universe from God draws upon a variety of sources. God is one, immaterial, eternal, and acts of necessity.

Substantial Motion is a change from one substance into another substance, for example, if a dog to death and then turned into a corpse, then he has undergone substantial changes. Or perhaps also be said that burned wood and then turn into ashes. Quantitative pemikiran al farabi, namely the changes that occur in such quantities from one to two, three and so on, or from small to big, like a small tree to be big.

Al Farabi Research Papers -

Qualitative motion, if the white paper pemikiran al farabi color to yellow, red or orange flowers and then the next day turned into a withered, then the change is what is called a qualitative change. Local motion, moving pemikiran al farabi one place to another, such as lazy morning in the room and then during the day was in the living room.

Then arrange the logic of Aristotle is thinking laws syllogistic. Although Aristotle had recommended to reality, but with this syllogistic the dialectic between reality and common sense become more important is the determinant.

The main staple of all the entities The main principle of motion according to scientific basis. The material will not be known if there are no intrinsically shape.


However, between matter and form are inseparable. For example, the board is made of wood. Given the nature of the form can be known.

Similarly, a desk chair and so on to give shape to the wood material in accordance with what we pemikiran al farabi. At first glance it can be said that the shape change, but actually materilah arbitrary in the sense of change to get the forms specific. Substance asks my ass something, a form of something.

There are two kinds of substances; First there is obligatory. The discussion of the existing, which is in reasonable condition, indicate that this kind of science seeks to understand that there is in the form of purely. In this case the important thing is not whether it can be affected by the pemikiran al farabi or not, is physical or not but whether the item is something that really exist.

If we follow this way of thinking means that we will come to the opinion that only God truly exists, in the sense of the word absolute, which means that does not depend on other things.

Everything else has the value of the pyramid pemikiran al farabi nisbi relative.

AL-LUBB: Jurnal Pemikiran Islam

Al-Farabi as Aristotle distinguishes between the matter substance and form shurah. Own material in the form of possibilities. For example, he argued: Wood as a material containing a lot of possibilities, may be chairs, cabinets and so forth.

Richard Walzer,2. Al-Farabi telah mengumpamakan struktur pentadbiran negara yang terbaik seperti struktur anggota badan yang baik dan sempurna. Perumpamaan ini telah menjelaskan betapa pentingnya struktur pentadbiran negara terbaik dalam melahirkan negara yang ideal.

Struktur pentadbiran negara terbaik ialah satu aliran kerjasama pemikiran al farabi terjadi diantara pemimpin dan masyarakat yang harmoni dalam pemikiran al farabi bagi memastikan kesempurnaan dalam setiap tugasan atau tanggungjawab yang dilaksanakan oleh rakyat dan pemerintah.

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