7– Minayo, M.C.S. . Violência e saúde. In: Spínola, A.W.P., Sá, E.N.C., Westphal, M.F., Adorno, R.C.F. & Zioni, F. (coord.). Pesquisa social em saúde. Buy Pesquisa Social. Teoria, Método e Criatividade by Maria Cecília de Souza Minayo (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices. Minayo, M. C. S. . Análise e interpretação de dados de pesquisa qualitativa. En M. C. S. Minayo (Comp.), Pesquisa Social: teoria, método e criatividade.


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It is interesting to pesquisa social minayo that this distinction appears to propose that whatever is human is in some way separated from nature, as if they were In this discussion, we do not propose that 'reality' should be understood as a synonym of the 'real'.

This has of course been the center of a crucial metaphysical and ontological question of philosophy over the centuries, pesquisa social minayo this article cannot have the pretention of resolving this question.

But, for the purpose of definition and having regard to the purposes of our exposition here, 'real' would be everything that comprises the world, whether of concrete or abstract nature, of which total comprehension is not available to human knowledge, since human knowledge is not conceived as able pesquisa social minayo be omniscient.

O desafio do conhecimento : pesquisa qualitativa em saúde (Book, ) []

Thus, for the purposes of this article, reality, or, better, the possible realities, would be seen as approximations or representations that human beings make of the real, built on the basis of the points of view adopted. This understanding helps in the de-consecration pesquisa social minayo de-mystification of the classical idea of science, because it makes it possible to perceive that it is - like all pesquisa social minayo output - partial, limited, polysemic; in other words, it is not exempt from historicity, culture, relationships of power, political domination or direction by ideology.

On the contrary, one sees that even those who advocate the axiological objectivity and neutrality of scientific activity do not escape the injunctions that come from human nature, resulting from living in society.

This is a reminder frequently neglected by those who live in, from and by science. However, it is necessary to take care not to adopt manicheistic positions that demonize science, attributing an exaggerated weight to its problems, difficulties, limitations, incapacities to explain, and political-ideological-economic links that are active in its uses and abuses.

As with any pesquisa social minayo vision of the world, science, as a human pesquisa social minayo, demands to be humanized and humanizing.


It appears to be the case that the humanization of science inexorably involves and requires awareness that its typical activities of teaching and research are expressions of humanity, both by scientists and non-scientists, as Paulo Freire puts itP. Paz e Terra, There is no teaching without research, nor research without teaching I teach because I seek I research to find out; finding out, I intervene; intervening, I educate and educate myself.

I research to know what I do not yet know and communicate pesquisa social minayo announce the new information. In this context one produces science, with the addendum that the researcher, by researching, also puts what he already knows in check: Science constructs its path, constructs itself, grows and affirms itself as a vision and, also, as an explanation of the world, by entering into and participating in the debate pesquisa social minayo the various views and about its own procedures.

Stress and Quality of Working Life: The Positive and The Negative - Google книги

Neither better, pesquisa social minayo worse, than religious thought, for example. But different; and it is in this difference that the scientist-researcher should work, conscious that doing science does not mean compliance with a pre-formatted course of action or path which should be rigidly and mechanically followed: In reality, in the process of research, the adoption of a stance that is simultaneously cautious and created by the researcher tends to produce significant and innovative narratives and knowledge.

By announcing new information, the researcher generates and provides movement in debate, since others pesquisa social minayo also researching, with other theoretical and practical groups of instruments, directions and purposes.

From the debate, new demands emerge, that oblige them to restart cycles of research, seeking to know other aspects and realities, and announcing them again, maintaining the cycle, indefinitely, in a spiral movement. Unquietness - the central spark that inflames the desire to know, and a close relative of curiosity, is a state that does not result from adopting a dogmatic idea of the truth in the researcher's work.

Additional clues on its role can be seen in one of the possible definitions of pesquisa social minayo And for the work of the researcher to be satisfactory in the path it takes, there is a demand for actions, strategies pesquisa social minayo tools to be imagined, planned, developed, made concrete, reflected, tested and questioned.

Research is a need - but it is also imprecise! And to research is to study!

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  • O desafio do conhecimento : pesquisa qualitativa em saude
  • Livro pesquisa social minayo download
  • Pesquisa social de maria cecilia minayo
  • Livro pesquisa social minayo download

pesquisa social minayo Both come, respectively from the words 'search', and cherche, signifying the idea of quest. And in these words, one identifies the French root cher - dear, that is to say, something that one wants.

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