English Literature June 4th SUMMARY ABOUT PHILOMEL COTTAGE BY AGATHA CHRISTIE Agatha Christie (15 Lemaitre, who had. PHILOMEL COTTAGE There are 2 characters who seems to be partners. One is Alix Martin and the other one must be his husband. We can assume they have a. Philomel Cottage has ratings and 45 reviews. Maria Fernanda said: The ending is very abrupt, but I liked this little story, so refreshingly different.


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The real Grand Duchess declares the bazaar open and meets the people there.

philomel cottage When it is time to depart, she and Jane swap dresses in a side room, and Jane leaves in the Duchess' place philomel cottage news having reached them that the assassins will make an attempt on the journey back to Harridge's. Philomel cottage is travelling back with the Princess Poporensky when the chauffeur takes them down a side road and down an unknown and secluded route, stops the car and holds up the two women with a pistol.

They are at an empty house, which they are locked in.


A short time later, bowls of soup are philomel cottage to the two women, which Jane eats but the Princess refuses. Jane falls asleep suddenly The next day Jane wakes up.

Analysis of Philomel Cottage

She is alone in the house and inexplicably back in philomel cottage red dress. She finds a newspaper in the house, philomel cottage states that the charity bazaar was held up by a girl in a red dress and three other men.

They stole the pearls and got away.


The girl in the red dress has been traced as staying at the Blitz hotel under the name of Miss Montresor of New York — Jane realises that she has been set up by a gang of jewel thieves.

She hears someone in garden and finds a young man coming round from having been knocked out. Philomel cottage and Jane swap stories and the young man reveals that he was at the bazaar and was puzzled when he saw the Philomel cottage Duchess enter a room in low-heeled shoes and exit in high-heeled ones.

He followed her to the empty house and saw a second car arrive with three men and a woman in a red dress. Presently, this woman came out in the Duchess' dress and all except Jane seemed to have departed but when the young man went to investigate he philomel cottage knocked out.

The Listerdale Mystery - Wikipedia

They suddenly become aware that another man is nearby and listening to them. He introduces himself as Detective-Inspector Farrell and, having overheard the stories that the two told, all has become clear to him; and he realises what really happened at the bazaar hold-up and that Jane is innocent.

The young man reveals philomel cottage having seen Jane at the bazaar, he has fallen in love with her… A Fruitful Sunday[ edit ] Dorothy Pratt, a housemaidis enjoying a Sunday drive in a cheap old car with her young man, Edward Palgrove.

They stop philomel cottage a roadside fruit stall and buy a basket of fruit from the seller who tells them with a leer on his face that they are getting more than their money's worth. Stopping off near a stream, they sit by the road to eat the fruit and read in a discarded Sunday paper of the theft of a ruby necklace worth fifty thousand philomel cottage.

Philomel Cottage: A Short Story by Agatha Christie

A moment later, they find such a necklace in the bottom of the basket! Edward is shocked and scared of the sight, seeing the possibility of arrest and imprisonment but Dorothy sees the possibility of a new and better life from selling the jewels to a ' fence '.

Edward is shocked by the suggestion and philomel cottage that she hand them over which she reluctantly does. The next day, Dorothy contacts Philomel cottage. She has come to her senses after a sleepless philomel cottage and realises that they must hand the necklace back.

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