compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see Hautonga specs and There's no denying that this fine Plinius amplifier is a worthy product. Used Plinius Hautonga Integrated amplifiers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Plinius Hautonga Indeed, a Breath of Fresh Air. Having built their reputation on big, class-A power amplifiers, the Hautonga you see here is an integrated amplifier (with phono stage, no less) that features a watt per channel class AB power amplifier. Not bad, considering the.


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The soundstage here is notably wide, even a bit exaggerated—though this makes a very exciting affair of the gunfight section in the companion piece, Plinius hautonga the Kid—with depth somewhat shallow.

Plinius Hautonga Integrated Amplifier | The Absolute Sound

However, owing to the multimiking, the plinius hautonga is, the placement of individual instruments, winds in particular—is impressively precise. This is a mono recording, but despite their proximity the mikes still caught a good deal of air and atmosphere, especially when Webster comes in, plinius hautonga the sense of immediacy is tactile.


You can plinius hautonga point to each singer and concentrate on her to the exclusion of the others if you like, yet also plinius hautonga back and enjoy the blend. By the way, there is a character to the sound on this recording that is vital to the music and the performances, a certain cold, sometimes even chilly quality: Highs are smooth and well sorted, the overall tonal balance neutral and background noise very low.

Further listening After a few days of being powered up, the Hautonga opens up to a full-bodied sound.

Whether paired with their own Tiki streaming audio player review in process or any of the digital plinius hautonga at my disposal, the Hautonga is a pleasure to listen to, regardless of source.

While plinius hautonga the last bit of resolution available with cost no object gear, dynamics and tonality have not taken a back seat in the design process. This record is plinius hautonga of deep, deep, synth bass lines and the Hautonga sails through effortlessly, even at high volume.


These are speakers that require a lot of current and control to plinius hautonga maximum performance and this proves to be a great combination. Yet plinius hautonga this up, the Hautonga handles it in stride, which leads to some more bass laden tracks from Peter Gabriel and Genesis.

Moving the amplifier out to room one and the KEF Blades is a ton of fun — and again reveals this amplifiers ability to provide a high quality musical experience with ancillaries much more expensive than you might pair it up with.

The Blades 90db sensitivity proves an easy load for this amplifier to drive plinius hautonga for plinius hautonga of dynamic range and showing off the bass control and drive. Most high-end amps tend to be line-only units for good reasons.

Record players are less common these days, and the general trend has been towards outboard phono stages. These keep the plinius hautonga signal — around a thousandth that of a CD player — well away from the potentially degrading effects of currents flowing through the rest of the unit.

Line Out The Line out provides a line level output, carrying the selected source signal. plinius hautonga

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  • Plinius Hautonga Integrated Amplifier

The Line Out allows for the signal to go on to recording equipment, headphone amplifiers or sub-woofer speakers.

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