Pollution prevention through process integration: systematic design tools. MM El-Halwagi. Elsevier G Pokoo-Aikins, A Nadim, MM El-Halwagi, V Mahalec. Dr. Mahmoud El-Halwagi has recently published a textbook on Sustainable Design through Process Integration. El-Halwagi, M. M., “Sustainable Design Through Process Integration: Fundamentals and Applications to Industrial Pollution Prevention.


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The question is how to achieve and reconcile these objectives?


Processing facilities are complex systems of unit operations and streams. Designing these facilities or improving their performance typically entails the screening of numerous alternatives.

Process Integration - E-bok - Mahmoud M El-Halwagi | Bokus

Because of the enormous number of design alternatives, laborious process integration el-halwagi engineering approaches that are based on generating and testing case studies are unlikely to provide effective work processes or reach optimal solutions.

Indeed, what is needed is a systematic framework and associated concepts and tools that methodically guide designers to the global insights of the process, identify root causes of the problems or key areas of opportunities, benchmark the performance of the process, and develop a set process integration el-halwagi design recommendations that can attain the true potential of the process.

Over the past three decades, significant advances have been made in treating chemical processes as integrated systems and developing systematic tools to determine practically achievable benchmarks.

This framework is referred to as process integration and is defined as a holistic approach to design and operation that emphasizes the unity of the process integration el-halwagi. Process integration can be used to systematically enhance and reconcile various process objectives, such as cost effectiveness, yield enhancement, energy efficiency, and pollution prevention.

Sustainable Design Through Process Integration (eBook)

Many archival papers have been published on different aspects of process integration. Because of the specialized nature of these papers, readership has been mostly confined to academic researchers in the field.

On the other hand, many industrial projects have been successfully implemented on specific aspects of process integration. Because of the confidential nature of most of these projects, details have not been widely available in the public domain. This book was motivated by the need to reach out to a much wider base of readers who are interested in systematically developing sustainable designs through process integration.

The book is process integration el-halwagi for senior-level undergraduate or first-year graduate courses on process design, process integration el-halwagi, or process synthesis and integration.

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It is also tailored to serve as a self-study textbook for process process integration el-halwagi and technical managers involved in process innovation, development, design and improvement, pollution prevention, and energy conservation.

A key feature of the book is the emphasis on benchmarking the performance of a process or subprocess and then methodically detailing the steps needed to attain these performance targets in a cost-effective manner. Research over the past two decades has resulted in many techniques that allow engineers to better understand complex facilities and process integration el-halwagi enhance their performance.

This textbook presents a comprehensive and authoritative treatment of the concepts, tools and applications of Process Integration.

Sustainable Design Through Process Integration : Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi :

Process integration el-halwagi is given to systematic ways of analyzing process performance. The second edition of the book has expanded to include recent and developing topics like water-energy nexus, multi-scale system optimization, industrial symbiosis and shale gas monetization.

Beyond covering and exploring the topics and trends surrounding process integration, the textbook is filled with numerous industrial examples and case studies. According to El-Halwagi, the textbook offers a great potential to impact the broader engineering field, and helps spread the benefits of his experience and research on process process integration el-halwagi.

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