Naimatullah Shah Wali Who was a renowned Wali some years ago and he predicted about the future of the world by his poems in persian. Great Saint Shah Naimatullah Wali (RA) Predictions for Pakistan and Other World. ]. (Qaseeda Shah Nimatullah Wali quoted by Shah Ismail Shaheed in his book Al-Arba'in fi Ahwal-al-Mahdiyin (pages: ) Published ).


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This is what Allaah refers to in the aayah interpretation of the meaning: This messenger is Jibreel, upon whom be peace. These three forms are: The Messenger peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him saw him in the form in which Allaah created him.

This happened to the Prophet peace and qaseeda naimatullah shah wali of Allaah be upon him twice. The revelation came with a noise like the sound of a bell, which went away after the Prophet qaseeda naimatullah shah wali and blessings of Allaah be upon him had understood what he had said. The angel appeared in the form of a man and spoke to him, and the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him understood what he said.


IF you are unable to find any particular book or novel online, you can simply leave a comment for me asking to upload that particular book or novel. According to a Pakistani court, Ali claimed to be a Prophet and was subsequently qaseeda naimatullah shah wali to death. This controversy was initially underestimated by Zaid Hamid and the forces that were protecting him but recently it got an impetus when a video qaseeda naimatullah shah wali released showing Zaid Hamid defending Yousuf Ali and criticizing the court ruling against him.

Free PDF Urdu Books: Qaseeda Naimatullah Shah Wali (Predictions) By Hafiz Sarwar Nizami

This infuriated qaseeda naimatullah shah wali fanatic religious mafia in Pakistan and eventually qaseeda naimatullah shah wali became the biggest impediment in his campaign. There are now strong speculations that Zaid Hamid is a thing of the past and he will soon leave the country to escape the religious zealots who are after him because of his alleged association with a blasphemous person.

If this is really the beginning of the end of Zaid Hamid then this shows the monopoly of islamists on religious matters in Pakistan.


The power of traditional Islam in Pakistan remains unaffected. With the assistance of his ardent and wealthy supporter Maria B, Zaid Hamid has finally landed through a tourist visa in K-PAX which is a country situated about miles away from Pakistan Also a favourite holiday destination of Maria B during summers due to its Qaseeda naimatullah shah wali beaches.

K-PAX is a democratic country whose constitution promotes freedom of religion ideology and speech.

Tehrif in Qasida of Shah Naimatullah Wali : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

It is known to be a peaceful country where all citizens irrespective of race, religion, caste or sex are considered as equal and the military is confined to the barracks.

However, his asylum application is rejected after the immigration officer reviewed his case and found him to be capable of stirring up religious hatred amongst the citizens of K-PAX and due to the hate mongering speeches that he has given earlier against K-PAX and its predominantly secular Muslim population during his golden days in Pakistan.

However, frustrated by this decision, Zaid Hamid has filed a case in qaseeda naimatullah shah wali court requesting to review his application. Wali ullah is on facebook join facebook to connect with wali ullah and others you may know facebook gives people the qaseeda naimatullah shah wali to share and makes the world.

Qaseeda naimatullah shah wali pdf hazrat naimat ullah shah wali ra predictions book deeni dastar khawan: Get the latest installation package of naimatullah-shah-wali 10 for free and check out users' reviews you'll soon be qaseeda naimatullah shah wali to use paypal in most google services news.

Download pdf urdu book history and biography of shah waliullah title of the book is shah wali allah and political movement by ubaid ullah sindhi.

Services of shah wali ullah

Shah wali ullah's political thought - still a major obstacle against modernisation of indian muslims. By the time Ni'matullah died, his fame had spread throughout Persia and IndiaThough his presence is not much noted in India and it qaseeda naimatullah shah wali said he initiated hundreds of thousands of followers in qaseeda naimatullah shah wali path now known by his name.

Ni'matullah's son Shah Khalilullah was the next qutb master of the Nimatullahi order.


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