Chef Peter Gilmore Profile at - Read profile of the Peter's next step was as head chef at Quay, and since , his creative and. Peter Gilmore's Bennelong Restaurant Sydney Opera House, is an Iconic fine dining experience for special functions and corporate events. Peter Gilmore. One of Australia's greatest dining destinations, Quay at Sydney's Overseas australian stories peter gilmore quay sydney restaurants.


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Gilmore released his first cookbook intitled Quay: Food Inspired by Nature, which captures Peter's nature-based philosophy quay peter gilmore the organic presentation quay peter gilmore his cuisine at Quay.

Peter describes his cuisine as "food inspired by nature". A passionate gardener, Peter was one of the first chefs in Australia to truly embrace the vegetable garden and its diversity.

Peter Gilmore shines through - Review of Quay Restaurant, Sydney, Australia - TripAdvisor

My job is to come up with the ideas, and Tim does all the trial work, then we narrow them down — what's working, what's not.

Because the fruit has a relatively short season, Mifsud is freezing quay peter gilmore juice for Quay's new ice-cream.


A freeze-dried riff on an oloroso nougat Quay used to serve, it is almost weightless, exploding in your mouth before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Quay was hardly broken, after all, managing to maintain an unprecedented three Good Food Guide hats for each of the past 16 quay peter gilmore, while also being crowned restaurant of the year six times in quay peter gilmore period.

What to expect from Peter Gilmore's new Quay

Before Quay closed its doors, 70 per cent of diners still ordered the snow egg, more than half a million of which have been hatched over the past decade. In the end, though, Gilmore and Leon and John Fink agreed that if millions were going to be spent evolving the place, the menu had to be radically overhauled.

To be true to yourself, you have to let go of the past and be fully committed to new creativity. Much of Quay's design dated from its power-dining days as Bilson's in the s a venture between Leon Fink quay peter gilmore chef Tony Bilson. Fink had been saying the restaurant needed a revamp since Bennelong opened in at the Opera House, immediately garnering two hats and best-new-restaurant gongs.

Advertisement Then there was the question of Gilmore, who admits he and John Fink were pushing Leon hard for about five years to renew Quay. When it reopens on July 19, the quay peter gilmore will offer a course tasting menu, with a six-course option as the only alternative.

What to expect from Peter Gilmore's new Quay

Rents are an obvious factor, but customers — particularly younger ones — are also increasingly attuned to higher-volume, no-tablecloth, deliver-on-the-plate venues such as Bennelong.

Quay peter gilmore Fink is unperturbed by the local closures.


Sydney is an international city — millions of international tourists, plus Australian tourists on top of that — and quay peter gilmore only growing. We don't need a very large percentage of people to be well-to-do and have something to celebrate, and there is plenty of evidence to show that there are plenty of people who want somewhere very special to go.

While hardly cheap, that "could look like pretty good value compared to many of the top 50 international restaurants", says Gourmet Traveller's chief restaurant critic Pat Nourse. Quay itself will slim from seats — huge by fine-dining standards, where less than 60 is the quay peter gilmore — to Advertisement Peter Gilmore prepares a tasting menu for the new restaurant.

Nic Walker The theatre of dining, too, will be accentuated, from directional lighting to more personalised service. It wasn't nimble, the menu didn't change quay peter gilmore, and they never really had the sort of host who brought it the way Peter's food brought it.

They need to make it feel like 'Quay is there for you,' not 'you are there for Quay'.

Of course, the scale of the reinvention — menu, room, service, experience — only increases the risk. Peter might sail too close to the wind.

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