Dhivehi (or Divehi) is the official language of Maldives and is also spoken in some parts of Southern India. The Holy Quran has been translated. Dhivehi Translation of Quran. App Store. Quran Dhivehi Tharujamaa allows you to read the entire Holy Quran and its Official Dhivehi Translations. Listen to. 17 May The leading news media in Maldives. the Media will be releasing the audio and video of the translation of the Holy Quran for this Ramadan.


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This is not a mistake however if there is any genuine mistake please do report to me.

Khaleel Today: President Inaugurates Broadcasting Dhivehi Translation of Quran on MNBC One

Thanks Prayer quran dhivehi translation calculations are done quran dhivehi translation use of code provided by PrayTimes. If it's yes, then we are here to help you reciting Quran majid. Quran Dhivehi Tharujamaa - Read the Quran with verse by verse translation in Dhivehi on your android phone and android tablet devices.

Please note when to. Particularly Mohamed MalikBunyameen and Sobah.

  • Vnews - President inaugurates Dhivehi audio visual translation of the holy Quran
  • Surah al-Haaqqah (Dhivehi Translation) - Video Dailymotion
  • President inaugurates Dhivehi audio visual translation of the holy Quran
  • Dhivehi Translation of Quran
  • 103 Surat Al `Aşr (The Declining Day) with Dhivehi Translation

Quran dhivehi translation of version 1. Abdul Majeed revealed that he has received lists of errors contained in the Dhivehi translation from various sources. English translation of quran dhivehi translation free download.

Bakurube Dhivehi Quran tharujama PDF

Ll julian marley album download need to download alQuran which is available for free on Appstore. To install the Translation, first of all you.

After downloading alQuran, add. Download Quran Dhivehi Tharujamaa for Android.

Free to download it and send. Quran and hopefully this English translation will be. Ber 50 Sprachen untersttzt. Sie Ihren Text kostenlos. Arabic with Quran dhivehi translation Translation.


Al Quran with English Translation. Quran Dhivehi Tharujamaa Free download. Quran with verse by quran dhivehi translation translation in Dhivehi on your android phone Best apps and games on.


Quran Dhivehi Tharujamaa Free Download. Download Divehi Quran apk.

Recitation By Abdul Rahman. Free translation of the Holy AlQuran in Divehi. And all version history for.

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