Piano Concerto for the Left Hand (Ravel, Maurice) Name Aliases, Concerto en ré majeur pour la main gauche; Concierto para la mano izquierda;. Ravel - Concerto pour la main gauche - Kris Rucinski. 3 years ago. Kris Rucinski. Follow. Share. Kris. Buy Concerto pour la Main Gauche Piano by Maurice Ravel (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.


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This material includes both an A and a B theme, though the Ravel main gauche theme receives little exposure. An additional theme introduced at the beginning exhibits several similarities to the Dies Irae chant.

An excerpt from the faster section, sometimes referenced ravel main gauche the scherzois shown in the example.

Throughout the piece, Ravel creates ambiguity between triple and duple rhythms. This example highlights one of the more notable instances of this.

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Reception and legacy[ edit ] Although at first Wittgenstein did not take to its jazz -influenced rhythms and harmonies, he grew to like the piece. Ravel's other concerto, the Piano Concerto in Gis more widely known ravel main gauche played.

Bach French Suite No. Mid-bar downbeat in Mozart Sonata K.

Piano Concerto for the Left Hand (Ravel)

Motivic parallelism in Beethoven Sonata Op. One example of such a mid-bar downbeat is shown in Example 1, measure 14; this example shows a mid-bar downbeat that almost performs itself, due to the metric identity of the Gigue subject. Example 2, from Edward T. Relevant elements range from smaller- to ravel main gauche features.

Motivic parallelism, in particular, suggests many interpretive nuances. That is, rather than correlating to specific decisions of micro-timing, articulation, dynamics, and so on, such ravel main gauche structures provide the performer with the context for making these detailed decisions.

Concerto Pour la Main Gauche - Ravel on Vimeo

Perhaps the most obvious is that the background influences global interpretive decisions—broad questions of direction and shaping difficult to articulate in the ravel main gauche of precise performance directives.

A second reason may be that performance concerns itself primarily with expressing unique and unusual elements, with how the background is expressed through middleground and foreground, rather than with the background per se.

And finally, and most speculatively, perhaps background structure is robust: Methodologies tend to be primarily ravel main gauche or primarily qualitative.

What is being analyzed?


And who is doing the analyzing? With rare exceptions, existing analytical literature on performance studies texts: Performers, when included, ravel main gauche usually objects of study; rarely do they have a voice in the research that is produced.

Ravel's other concerto, the Ravel main gauche Concerto in Gis more widely known and played.


The composer was beside himself with indignation and disbelief. After Ravel's death inCortot resumed playing his arrangement, and even recorded it with Charles Munch leading the Ravel main gauche Conservatoire Orchestra.

Piano Concerto for the Left Hand (Ravel, Maurice)

Major Charles Winchester David Ogden Stiers uses it and Wittgenstein's story to convince a drafted concert pianist James Stephenswhose right hand has been permanently injured in combat, not to give up his musical gift ravel main gauche his wounds.

Concerto for the Left Hand: Disability and the Defamiliar Body.

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