Rebel Heart (Dustlands, book 2) by Moira Young - book cover, description, publication history. Rebel Heart is written By Moira Young, and is the sequel to Blood Red Road. This book was, to be frank, a disappointment. It was as if it had. Rebel Heart [Moira Young] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nothing is certain and no one is safe in the scorching sequel to Blood Red.


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When they reach the gate at resurrection, the guard is there with a commander and he tells the guard to check their brands. Bram tells the girls to be on alert as this is unusual. They see Saba's birthmark but Tommo and Creed shoot them before they can alert any other guards.

Lugh accidentally shoots Bram while trying to shoot a guard, and although there's another bolt in Brams head from a guard that just as well may have killed him Lugh still blames himself. They decide to continue on with the plan since they've come this far anyways. Since Bram was the only one who knew the passwords to get in the gates, Saba says she will go as a prisoner and they won't need a password since everyone will be so excited that the Angel of Death has been brought in we've rebel heart moira young hearing all the way through the book how DeMalo put a bounty out for her, but even though it's kind of moot now since she's already met up with DeMalo, none of the other guards know that.

The plan works and they get in. Saba and Tommo take down the commander who was leading them to the prison cell area and throw the rope over the ledge where the boats are waiting for when the others find Emmi. Saba's heartstone begins to burn and she knows Jack is near so she decides to try to find him and kill him for his betrayel.

When she arrives at the door to a room where the heartstone burns the most, she finds DeMalo. She acts like she's seducing him and puts 2 drops of the poison in his drink not enough to kill him though and then as she's leaving she really does see Jack go into another room.

She attacks him but Maev comes and rebel heart moira young her.

Rebel Heart by Moira Young - review

It turns out Jack was helping Emmi the whole time. Saba looks down over the side of the wall and theres Emmi, hanging by the rope and climbing down to the boats.

Emmi had gotten so excited when she saw Jack at the barn she jumped out of the loft to see him, and since Jack was afraid she might say rebel heart moira young about Saba that the other Tonton would hear he told her to act like he hit her and kidnapped her.


He's been getting in good with the Tonton and sent Saba the message through Rebel heart moira young so she could be his contact on the outside and they could work to bring New Eden down before it reached all the way to Blue Water. He tells her he can't come with her, that he has to try to stop Rebel heart moira young and the other Tonton, and then kisses her and tells her to go to Blue Water with her family.

Rebel Heart (Dustlands, book 2) by Moira Young

While he is helping her and Maev escape Maev is shot. She tells Saba to swap clothes with her, since the only recognition the other guards have is a girl in a red dress DeMalo had given Saba a red dress to wear once she was in his room.

Saba get to the boats with the others and she sees an explosion at the top of the wall and knows Maev has set off grenades. They then see another explosion even larger where the weapon storehouses were and Saba realizes Jack blew it up.

They make it back to their small camp and Lugh tells Saba he blames her and Jack for all of rebel heart moira young, that no one would be dead if it wasn't for them rebel heart moira young thinking about themselves and each other. Saba says in the book that by the look in his eyes she knows she's lost her brother.


She goes away from the group for some quiet to think and sees a boat coming across the lake. He tells her their rebel heart moira young was too rushed and he needed to see her again.

She asks if he rebel heart moira young the Freehawks by leading the Tonton to their camp and he says no, that the Tonton already knew about it and he had just enough time to warn Maev, Ash and Creed when the Tonton decided to attack.

Saba asks Jack to stay with her until the dawn and he does I'm sure you can all guess what happens here.

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