Buy the Paperback Book Histoire D'o, Suivi De Retour A Roissy by Pauline Reage at , Canada's largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on books over. Histoire D'O, Suivi de Retour A Roissy (French Edition) (Ldp Litterature) [Pauline Reage] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Enfin une. Histoire D'O, Suivi de Retour A Roissy by Dominique Aury; 1 edition; First published in


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Plot[ edit ] Story of O is a tale of female submission involving retour a roissy beautiful Parisian fashion photographer named O, who retour a roissy taught to be constantly available for oralvaginaland anal intercourseoffering herself to any male who belongs to the same secret society as her lover.

She is regularly stripped, blindfolded, chainedand whipped ; her anus is widened by increasingly large retour a roissy ; her labium is pierced and her retour a roissy are branded. Over the course of this training, O falls in love with Sir Stephen and believes him to be in love with her as well.

During the summer, Sir Stephen sends O to an old mansion in Samois solely inhabited by women for advanced training and body modifications related to submission. There she agrees to receive permanent marks of Sir Stephen's ownership, in the form of a brand and a steel tag hanging from a labia piercing.

Editions of Histoire d'O suivi de Retour à Roissy by Pauline Réage

Jacqueline is repulsed when she first sees O's chains and scars, although O herself is proud of her retour a roissy as a willing slave. However, Jacqueline's younger half-sister becomes enamored of O, and begs to be taken to Roissy.

At the climaxO is presented as a sexual slavenude but for an owl-like mask and a leash attached to her piercing, before a large party of guests who treat her solely as an object. Retour a roissy, she is shared by Sir Stephen and an associate of his who retour a roissy referred to only as "The Commander".

Some early editions included several different variations of an epilogue which note that O was later abandoned by Sir Stephen, though there is debate as to whether Desclos intended it to be included in the finished work; in one such version, O is so distraught by the threat of this abandonment that she retour a roissy she would rather die and asks for permission to commit suicide, which is granted.


The charges were rejected by the courts, but a publicity ban was imposed retour a roissy a number of years. The first English edition was published by Olympia Press in It was published again in English by Grove Press, Inc.

Retour a Roissy : Pauline Reage :

It is not known whether this work is by the same author as the retour a roissy. Emmanuelle Arsan claimed the Story of O inspired her to write her own erotic novel Emmanuelle The heroine of the novel has the shortest possible name, consisting solely of the letter O.

Although this is in fact a shortening of the name Odile, it could also stand for "object" or "orifice", an O being a symbolic representation of any "hole". The novel was strongly criticized by retour a roissy feministswho felt it glorified the abuse of women.

Histoire D'O, Suivi de Retour A Roissy | Open Library

When the film of The Story of O was released, L'Express magazine ran a feature on the novel retour a roissy film.

Her lover, Jean Paulhan, wrote the preface as if the author were unknown to him.

  • Story of O - Wikipedia
  • By Reage, Pauline (Translated by Sabine D'estree.)

The writer's true identity was not revealed until ten years ago, when, in an interview with John de St. Jorre, a British journalist and sometime foreign correspondent of The Observer, an impeccably dressed year-old intellectual called Dominique Aury acknowledged that the fantasies of retour a roissy, masks and debauchery were hers.

Retour a Roissy

The Grove Press edition U. Paulhan admired the Marquis retour a roissy Sade 's writing and told Desclos that a woman could not write in a similar fashion.


Desclos interpreted this as a challenge and wrote the book. Paulhan was so impressed that he sent it to a publisher. In one part he says, "But from the beginning to end, the story of Retour a roissy is managed rather like some brilliant feat.

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