After a long time waiting, fans of Rogue Trader have finally been given With the release of Battlefleet Koronus, FFG have given us the ability. Unofficial fleet motto, Battlefleet Koronus Battlefleet Koronus, officially known as Rogue Trader Purity Lathimon finally discovered the nigh-mythical Koronus. Battlefleet Koronus is sourcebook and rules expansion for the core Rogue Trader rulebook for the Rogue Trader Warhammer 40, role-playing game.


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Rogue Trader - Battlefleet Koronus (Supplement) | 40k RPG Tools

However, ever since the loss of the Light Cruiser Rhadamanthine during a reconnaissance of the region, the Navy has chosen discretion for their patrols. Retrofitted rogue trader battlefleet koronus an extremely extended deployment, the Frigate may remain there for several decades, though Commander Larren Volos occasionally rogue trader battlefleet koronus nearby star systems to see how far the Ork infestation spreads.

Investigating the Alenic Depths - As the Rak'Gol threat grows, Battlefleet Koronus has dispatched the Falchion-class Frigate Swift Judgement to the edges of the Alenic Depths in hopes to gather more information about these mysterious xenos.

Commander Halik Kail is under orders to exercise extreme caution, but the vast distance and stellar disturbances means communications with the ship have been sporadic at best.

Rogue trader battlefleet koronus in Winterscale's Realm - One of the few "explored" regions of the Expanse, the worlds in Winterscale's Realm are mostly likely to have regular contact and trade with the Imperium.

Thus far, the captain has destroyed three pirate vessels and taken two additional raiders as prizes -- success enough that the scattered pirate clans of the region are banding together in an attempt to destroy her.

Struggles in the Foundling Worlds - Endeavours in the Foundling Worlds rogue trader battlefleet koronus suffered of late, from plagues, Warp Storms, and raids by pirates and xenos.

Battlefleet Koronus (Rogue Trader)

The Sword-class Frigate Scintilla Rogue trader battlefleet koronus, Commander Helgrom McKrale commanding, has been patrolling the Foundling Worlds for the past five years, and has found itself caught in the midst of conflict.

Of particular threat are the Chaos Reavers of Iniquity, and the Scintilla Majoris engaged them in several desperate battles within the last few years. Now, running low on supplies and ammunition, McKrale searches for a safe port where he can repair, re-provision, and reinforce his depleted crew.

Zone 15 A starship begins passage through the Jericho-Maw Warp Gate Originally the Fifth Station rogue trader battlefleet koronus Passage through the Maw, within the last century Passage Watch Est has blockaded this small, barren star system itself outside the more explored portions of the Koronus Passage and a vast portion of surrounding space and declared it off-limits to any unauthorised vessels.

Few Rogue Traders or any non-Navy personnel, really know what secrets lie within its borders. In truth, Zone 15 was established on discovery of a marvellous relic, an ancient xenos Warp Gate that allows ships to travel across the galaxy to the far-flung Jericho Reach in the Eastern Fringe.

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  • Rogue Trader: Battlefleet Koronus
  • Battlefleet Koronus
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Originally, Passage Watch Est merely watched over the gate as Adepts from the Adeptus Mechanicus rogue trader battlefleet koronus its mechanism and, more importantly, where it lead. Later, as the powers of the Adeptus Terra decided to launch a Crusade through the gate to reclaim the Reach, Battlefleet Koronus switched to the role of guardians.

Battlefleet Koronus (Rogue Trader) : Fantasy Flight Team :

Not only did they guard this vital supply line for the Achilus Crusadethey also protected the secret of the Warp Gate's existence.

In hindsight, it was inevitable that Battlefleet Koronus would establish a permanent base in the region. Though the gate is actually located in the black depths of rogue trader battlefleet koronus, the Navy established their base in a nearby star system: This served their purposes two-fold, not only did the system provide many of the necessary resources to establish an installation, but it also added another rogue trader battlefleet koronus of misdirection.

Anyone looking for a Warp Gate would focus their attentions on a known Navy fortress, and not think to explore the void several thousand astronomical units distant. Besides several rings of asteroids the innermost being semi-moltenthe only rogue trader battlefleet koronus in the system are several marginal telluric rocks with thin, dusty atmospheres of inert gas.

In fact, its only appealing feature besides the Warp Gate is that it is near the centre of a relatively large region of space where Warp Storms do not intrude. Fleet Base Metis does not orbit any of these worlds, instead following an orbit amongst the outmost asteroid ring.

Imperial strategists cunningly calculated the placement of the voidstation so the approaches are limited by the surrounding field, and several seemingly accessible rogue trader battlefleet koronus are covered by minefields and Macrobattery emplacements built into the larger rocks.

Battlefleet Koronus | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The shifting orbital paths of the asteroids, coupled with the formidable perimeter defences and Battlefleet Koronus warships on station, make simply approaching the Fleet Base an rogue trader battlefleet koronus task.

Even if a foe could reach Metis, they may well find themselves outclassed by the firepower the voidstation can bring to bear. The base itself is an extremely powerful bastion, a Ramilies-class Starfort. Originally designed by Artisan Magos Lian Ramilies from STC components, the Ramilies is as heavily armed as a squadron of warships and can remain self-sufficient for decades if not indefinitely.


More importantly, a Ramilies can erect a Warpbubble over the entire structure, enabling it to enter the Warp and be towed by fleets of tugs to different star systems. Rogue trader battlefleet koronus, last-minute studies of the gate and its properties by the senior Magi of the Adeptus Mechanicus determined it would not survive the journey.

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