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Understand which of these are thrown by the virtual machine and recognize situations in which others should be thrown programatically. Given a scenario involving navigating file systems, reading from files, writing to files, or interacting with the user, develop the correct solution using the following classes sometimes in combinationfrom java.

Describe the purpose and use of the java. For strings, write code that uses the Pattern and Matcher classes and the String. Recognize and use regular expression patterns for matching limited to: For streams, write code using the Formatter and Scanner classes and the PrintWriter.

Recognize and use formatting parameters scjp 6 kathy sierra portugues to: Concurrency Write code to define, scjp 6 kathy sierra portugues, and start new threads using both java. Recognize the states in which a thread can exist, and identify ways in which a thread can transition from one state to another.

Given a scenario, write code that makes appropriate use of object locking to protect static or instance variables from concurrent access problems. OO Concepts Develop code that implements tight encapsulation, loose coupling, and high cohesion in classes, and describe the benefits.

Given a scenario, develop code that demonstrates the use of polymorphism. Further, determine when casting will be necessary and recognize compiler vs. Explain the effect of modifiers on inheritance with respect to constructors, instance or static variables, and instance or static methods.

|Scjp 6 :: scjp book by kathy siera|

Write code that uses the generic versions of the Collections API, in particular, the Set, List, and Map interfaces and implementation classes. Recognize the limitations of the non-generic Collections API and how to refactor code to use the generic versions.

Write code that uses the NavigableSet and NavigableMap interfaces.


Use capabilities in the java. Comparableaffect the sorting of lists and arrays. Furthermore, recognize the effect of the "natural ordering" of scjp 6 kathy sierra portugues wrapper classes and java.

Fundamentals Given a code example and a scenario, write code that uses the appropriate access modifiers, package declarations, and import statements to interact with through access or inheritance the code in the example.

Given an example of a class and a command-line, determine the expected runtime behavior.

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Determine the effect upon object references and primitive values when they are passed into methods that perform assignments or other modifying operations on the parameters. The authors have made a marvellous job about delivering the vital facts you need to know for the exam while leaving out tons of otherwise valuable data that scjp 6 kathy sierra portugues beyond the scope.

Both authors have participated in creating the real questions for the real exam thus providing an invaluable insight to discern the true nature of what you are up to doing. Unlike many other certification guides…this one makes perfect reading.

JAVA jdk scjp notes - Docsity

The most boring Sun objectives in the book are nicely interwoven with the gems of refreshingly spicy scjp 6 kathy sierra portugues.

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