Recently I started looking into which patent search providers offer searchable PDF patent documents as downloads. PDF is one of the most. 7 Step Patent Search Strategy. 1. Broaden your search to find additional patent and non- 1/transformations/pdf/ipcr_catchwordindex_en_pdf. 2. Most patent PDF files are not searchable. However, in cases where a patent office provides ASCII PDFs, they are searchable. This is the case for Germany (DE).


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We do all the hard work for you searchable pdf patent checking, fetching and delivering documents from across the world as well as maintaining and updating the software Who can use it?


A corporate-wide solution to centralise patent document and archiving throughout the entire organisation at low cost and high speedPatentOrder can be used also by just a small group searchable pdf patent users at a searchable pdf patent organisation, providing further access flexibility.

Order patent documents published in over 60 countries including translations. The experts will tell you just how labor-intensive expensive!

This innovative tool searchable pdf patent you search classification titles and definitions across the entire USPTO patent classification system, nearly ,00 classes and subclasses with one click, for FREE! I assume that differences between country collections arise because each patent office has different standards for how patent documents are treated during the publication process.

However, a searchable pdf patent field test revealed that there may be some differences between the PDFs from common patent search sources.

During my brief investigation into the issue, it seems that recently published EP patent documents are usually keyword searchable upon download from most vendors, and US and WO documents are not commonly in a searchable pdf patent format.

I ran a quick test in the following systems:

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