The Seven Crystal Balls has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Les Sept boules de cristal = The Seven Crystal Balls (Tintin, #13), HergéThe Sev. Story. In The Seven Crystal Balls , Seven scientists mysteriously fall into a profound state of lethargy. As Calculus has disappeared,Tintin and Captain. The Seven Crystal Balls also has all the elements of a Victorian potboiler: supernatural threats from abroad menacing wealthy Europeans in.


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One by one, they slide into a coma, with the only clue as to its seven crystal balls being a small scattering of crystal shards by their side.

Tintin: The Seven Crystal Balls | Alastair Savage

The last three members of the expedition remain at large as the story opens, although one of them has the misfortune to be under seven crystal balls guard by the hapless detectives Thomson and Thompson.

It feels all the more powerful coming from an ordinary man reading about seven crystal balls archaeological find on the train. They miss Chester, but instead discover Calculus' hat on the docks, indicating that he was taken to sea from here.

Investigating, they realise that Calculus must be aboard the Pachacamac, a ship headed to Peru, and board a flight, intent on intercepting its arrival.

Confiscated from its original owners, the German authorities permitted Le Soir to reopen under the directorship of Belgian editor Raymond de Beckeralthough it remained firmly under Nazi control, supporting the German war effort and espousing anti-Semitism.

The Seven Crystal Balls

The public reacted positively. Jacobsa fellow cartoonist, to collaborate seven crystal balls him on The Adventures of Tintin. Although initially hesitant, Jacobs eventually agreed, adopting the paid position in January Immediately after, two grey cars containing German soldiers pulled up; the house had been requisitioned by the Schutzstaffel SS.

This was accompanied by general exhaustion, depression, and fear that upon the imminent collapse of German administration, he would face retribution as a collaborator; many accused of being collaborators had already been killed by the Belgian Resistance.

Experiencing a breakdown, he took a hiatus from producing The Seven Crystal Balls between 6 May and 6 July[25] during which a message seven crystal balls posted in Le Soir stating: Why, Tintin and Snowy, of course!

Perhaps, since you have not heard anything about them lately, you have been afraid, dear readers, that something bad had happened to them?

Nothing of the sort! But, while one seven crystal balls it normal for an engineer to operate a train, members of the press were labelled as 'traitors'.

The Seven Crystal Balls: Part 1

I believe it would bring ridicule on the judicial system to go after an inoffensive children's book author and illustrator. The plot thickens even further when Calculus takes a stroll around Professor Tarragon's house, discovers a striking gold seven crystal balls, puts it on remarking on how nicely it goes with his coatand then mysteriously disappears.

The bracelet had previously been worn by the now-vanished mummy. While searching the grounds, Tintin and Haddock discover the attacker had seven crystal balls them by taking refuge in a tree and deduce that he then jumped Calculus and stole the mummy's jewels.

Tintin and the Captain are then fired upon by an unseen gunman who escapes, having kidnapped Calculus, in a black car.

The Seven Crystal Balls

Seven crystal balls alarm is raised and the police set up road blocks, but the kidnappers switch cars and slip through the net. Tintin visits a hospital where all seven of the stricken explorers go through the same horror—they awaken from their coma, scream about figures attacking The hospital where all the members of the expedition were admitted them, and slip back into their coma—at a precise time of day.

But after he receives a telephone call from the police, he disappears into his bedroom, then reappears—dressed as a sailor again and ready for travel. As he and Tintin drive to Westermouth, he explains the kidnapper's car was seen there; he believes the kidnappers boarded a ship seven crystal balls Calculus and he intends to follow.


When they reach the docks, they find the kidnapper's car abandoned and they spot General Alcazar boarding a ship to South America.

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