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Bryn Mawr Classical Review Introduzione, testo, traduzione e commento. Quaderni della "Rivista di Cultura Classica e Medioevale" 5. Reviewed by Remco F. Regtuit, University of Groningen R.

Apologia di Socrate-Simposio. Testo greco a fronte

Reviewing Arcioni's book, moreover, made me rethink my own reading of the text. The first chapter of the book contains seven introductory sections.


Arcioni pays attention to simposio platone testo social function of the symposium in ancient Greece, the date of composition, the genre 'dialogue', the dramatic setting depicted in this particular dialogue, the contents of the various speeches within the dialogue, the stylistic characteristics of the speakers, and, finally, the text as compared to the text of Burnet.

The Simposio platone testo text is printed with an Italian translation on the opposite page. Most of the book consists of the commentary, followed by an extensive bibliography divided into "commentaries and translations" and "works consulted". The first three paragraphs of the introduction briefly restate traditional views on the Symposium.

Arcioni stresses the importance of symposia in the Greek world in general and in the Academy in particular.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

She gives the usual date of composition, after BCE, but considers other possible dates as well. Her section on the genre of dialogue asserts the fundamental importance simposio platone testo dialectic in Platonic philosophy. Arcioni vividly presents the picture painted by Plato. She elucidates the various levels represented in the text, including the dramatic dates of the various parts of the text for Agathon's victory, for the opening discussion.

She also stresses that the dialogue is not simposio platone testo about Eros, but also about Socrates himself.

Apologia di Socrate-Simposio. Testo greco a fronte : Platone :

This analysis of the dialogue as a whole is followed by a short summary of the speeches. In the longest section of her introduction, in my opinion the best part of the book, Arcioni gives a stylistic simposio platone testo of the speakers. She analyses their style and provides ample illustrations.

Each of the speakers thus comes to life. She shows that each speaker gives a speech well suited to his character and his personality.

Arcioni's text differs in 19 places from Burnet's text. In three places she simposio platone testo only a different punctuation, which, unfortunately, often leads to an ambiguous text. On 9 occasions Arcioni's text favours the reading of the papyrus or a return to the transmitted manuscript text.

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