About the Author(s). Brian W. Kernighan works in the Computing Science Research Center at Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies. He is Consulting Editor for. Available in: Paperback. With the same style and clarity that characterized their highly acclaimed book, The Elements of Programming Style. Internets of interest #1: Brian Kernighan on the Elements of of Software Design · Introducing gb, a project based build tool for the Go.


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Gone is the Fortran freedom to pass a floating point number into a subroutine that expects an integer; this I deem a desirable attribute of Pascal, since it warns of a construction that will certainly cause an error.

Integer variables may be declared to have an associated range of legal values, and the compiler and run-time support ensure that one does not put large integers into software tools brian kernighan that only hold small ones.

This too seems like a service, although of course run-time checking does exact a penalty.

  • Software Tools by Brian W. Kernighan
  • Brian Kernighan
  • Brian Kernighan | Computer Science Department at Princeton University
  • Brian Kernighan
  • Software Tools by P. L. Plauger and Brian W. Kernighan (1976, Paperback)

Let us move on to some problems of type and scope. The size of an array is part of its type If one declares var arr Suppose we want to write a procedure 'sort' to sort an integer array.

Software Tools in Pascal - Brian W. Kernighan - Google Books

Because arr10 and arr20 have different types, it is not possible to write a single procedure that software tools brian kernighan sort them both. The place where this affects Software Tools particularly, and I think programs in general, is that it makes it difficult indeed to create a library of routines for doing common, general-purpose operations like sorting.


The particular data type most often affected is 'array of char', for in Pascal a string is an array of characters. Consider writing a function 'index s,c ' that will return the position in the string s where the character c first occurs, or zero if software tools brian kernighan does not.

The problem is how to handle the string argument of 'index'. The calls software tools brian kernighan 'hello',c ' and 'index 'goodbye',c ' cannot both be legal, since the strings have different lengths. I pass over the question of how the end of a constant string like 'hello' can be detected, because it can't.

Software Tools by P. L. Plauger and Brian W. Kernighan (, Paperback) | eBay

The next try is var temp: The only escape from this infinite regress is software tools brian kernighan define a family of routines with a member for each possible string size, or to make all strings including constant strings like 'define' of the same length.

The latter approach is the lesser of two great evils.

This is far from ideal, although it made it possible to get the programs running. It does not solve the problem of creating true libraries of useful routines.

Software tools brian kernighan are some situations where it is simply not acceptable to use the fixed-size array representation. For example, the 'Tools' program to sort lines of text operates software tools brian kernighan filling up memory with as many lines as will fit; its running time depends strongly on how full the memory can be packed.

Thus for 'sort', another representation is used, a long array of characters and a set of indices into this array: MAXBUF; But the procedures and functions written to process the fixed-length representation cannot be used with the variable-length form; an entirely new set of routines is needed to copy and compare strings in this representation.

Software Tools - Brian W. Kernighan - Google книги

In Fortran or C the software tools brian kernighan functions could be used for both. As suggested above, a software tools brian kernighan string is written as 'this is a string' and has the type 'packed array [ Thus each string literal of different length has a different type.

The only way to write a routine that will print a message and clean up is to pad all messages out to the same maximum length:

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