MS SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. This product is built for the basic function of storing retrieving. SQL Server DBA Training. Andrew Fraser, September , This course is a reduced version of Microsoft‟s 5 day System. Check out these Administering Microsoft SQL Server training videos to learn security, data management, disaster recovery/high.


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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration Course

Whether you want to learn SQL Server basics or simply get a refresher, we've got what you're looking for. We've compiled a tutorial for SQL Server beginners on topics from security to performance. This reference provides the SQL Server basic help you need in areas such as how to configure tempdb, use SQL Profiler, grant permissions, understand temporary tables vs.

Differences between varchar and nvarchar in SQL Sql server 2008 dba tutorial The broad range of data types in SQL Server can sometimes throw people through a loop, especially when data types like varchar and nvarchar seem to be highly interchangeable.

SQL Server Advanced Database Administration: Part 1 | Pluralsight

Learn how these two data types are stored differently, how to mix and match them and what changes were made to varchar and nvarchar in SQL Serve r. Discover the fundamentals to consider when making your sql server 2008 dba tutorial, along with an overview of tradeoffs and proper index implementation.

Temporary tables in SQL Server vs. If you are going to use a table to store data temporarily, find out about your options while learning the pros and cons of using temporary tables vs.

SQL Server 2008 Advanced Database Administration: Part 1

However, there is a fundamental difference between the two - stored procedures are designed to return their output to the application. When should you use sql server 2008 dba tutorial You must consider the parameters used, the tables being queried, the number of databases and so forth.

There is often a definitive answer when deciding to use either stored procedures or dynamic SQL.

MS SQL Server Tutorial

Update SQL Server table statistics for performance kick There is plenty to learn about using auto and manual update commands and avoiding false statistics -- two of many techniques that will fine-tune SQL Server statistics and boost performance.

Find out configuration recommendations for optimal RAM amounts, how to enable AWE, the best number of gigabytes for maximum server memory and sql server 2008 dba tutorial differences between and bit platforms.


You'll also find a stored procedure method that improves query response time, as opposed to linked server queries that can unexpectedly slow down system performance.

SQL Server tempdb best practices increase performance Making a few adjustments to the sql server 2008 dba tutorial settings can quickly and efficiently increase the performance of your SQL Server tempdb. Discover some best practices for tempdb, including physical file settings, storage array configurations, statistics update options and how to index temporary tables.

Get an introduction to SQL Profiler and its features and setup processes. Figuring out how to optimize the Tuning Wizard in conjunction with SQL Profiler will be a big help in your server sql server 2008 dba tutorial.

The same query can be used to see the physical file location of a msdb database: MDB database Table For more information on the msdb database use the following link: The dbid of a temp database is 2.

SQL Server Database Administration Tips

We can't take a backup of a tempdb. Same query can be use to see the physical file location of tempdb: Why we can't take a backup of a temp database? Once the operation is over it will be cleared and is minimally logged.

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How you will check to determine if the SQL Server is restarted? Check the creation date of the tempdb, if it is new it means SQL Server is started. Database Properties We can execute the following query also to check the tempdb creation date:

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