Dear Saint Anthony, your prayers obtained miracles during your lifetime. You still seem to move at ease in the realm of minor and major miracles. Saint Anthony. Once Anthony had travelled to the city of Rimini because it was a hotbed of heresy. The city leaders had ordered everyone to ignore him, so no one turned up for  ‎Saint Anthony's Miracles · ‎Miracle of the Fish · ‎The Baby Jesus · ‎Miracle of the Mule. Anthony sacrificed everything to God and to bring him the souls that were converted thanks to the miracles granted to him by God.


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Dominic, who, with their sons, came to her assistance. Anthony of Padua, on account of his great sanctity and learning, was chosen by his superiors to be one of the first to enter the battlefield.

Rimini, in Romagna, in spite of all the st anthony of padua miracles of the Holy See and of its own saintly bishop, continued to remain the hotbed of heresy, and here it was St. Anthony began his arduous task of conversion. The heretics, on hearing who was to enter the lists against them, were filled with dismay, but st anthony of padua miracles by the evil one, resolved at any cost to face their enemy.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua, Performer of Miracles

The saint on his st anthony of padua miracles met with the reverse of a cordial reception; the church in which he was to begin his labors was empty, save for a few old men and women; but his longing for the glory of God and salvation of souls was too great to make him hesitate for a moment.

He therefore ascended the pulpit, and preached with such earnestness and zeal that st anthony of padua miracles heretics, on hearing about it, determined to leave nothing undone to get rid of one who was so dangerous an opponent.

This great servant of God, being informed of their intentions, withdrew to a remote part of the city, to prepare himself by prayer, fasting and penance for the encounter, imploring at the same time the mercy of God on this poor benighted people.

His enemies had, however, not lost sight of him, and on seeing him leave his retreat, some of them followed him to the place where the river Marecchia empties itself into the Adriatic. Here the saint stopped, and in a loud voice commanded the fishes st anthony of padua miracles the sea and river to come forth and listen to the word of God, saying: Thousands of fishes of every size and species were seen to come in the greatest order to its surface, the smaller ones placing themselves in front, and the larger st anthony of padua miracles behind.

Saint Anthony's Miracles | Saint Anthony of Padua

Then began one of the most extraordinary sermons ever preached. The saint addressed them as if they were beings endowed with reason.


See and admire the beautiful home He, in His infinite goodness, has prepared for you; look at those crystal waters, in which it is so easy for you to find a refuge against the storm and the enemy. Not only has He provided for all your wants, but He has made you prolific above all other creatures.

You alone have been exempted from the dominion of your fellow beings and from His wrath at the time of the st anthony of padua miracles. To you it has been given to save His prophet Jonas; to cure His blind servant.

Saint Anthony's Miracles. The Saint of Miracles | Saint Anthony of Padua

Tobias; to be the food of the penitent; to procure for the Saviour of mankind and His disciples the tribute money due to Caesar; it was after His Resurrection by eating of your flesh He proved He was truly risen from the dead; it was over your heads He walked on the sea, and after the great draught of fishes, He called His apostles fishers of men.

But the commotion of the waters continued for some time after. In the meantime, so deep had been the impression made upon the bystanders, eye-witnesses of this remarkable scene, that many hastened back to the city, imploring their friends to come and see the miracle; others burst into tears, and kneeling at the feet of the saint, implored forgiveness, while only a st anthony of padua miracles remained obdurate in their heresy.

St anthony of padua miracles, availing himself of this opportunity, at the close of the sermon to the fishes addressed the immense multitude now gathered together, exhorting them to repentance, rebuking them for their unbelief and ingratitude, pointing out to them the heinousness of sin, and showing them what a lesson of obedience the fishes had just given them.

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It was through this sermon that Rimini was purged from heresy. Anthony accounts for his being invoked for lost and mislaid articles: During his stay at the Franciscan monastery at Montpellier St.

Anthony was st anthony of padua miracles only engaged in preaching, but also in teaching theology to his younger brethren. It was here a most extraordinary adventure happened to one of his novices. The latter, weary of the monastic life, suddenly left the monastery, taking with him a book of psalms, copied and annotated by the saint for the benefit of his pupils.

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