Welcome to the Project on SourceForge. Most of our users download and install our apps through the Platform's built-in. Find the Best Free and Open Source Windows Programs Here Sumatra PDF FileZilla is a downloadable FTP, FTPS, and SFTP software which consists of. Okular is a multi-document viewer software for KDE Desktop Enviroment. It can open pdf, djvu, eps, ps, e-book, among others document formats. This project aim to pack a simple instaler for Okular multi document viewer in windows operating system in order to share comments stored in.


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By Daksh Sharma Feel free to add more apps in the comments. Also see the other entries in this series: Buddi - A simple budgeting program for users with no financial background.

GFP - A free java based personal finance manager with the ability to run on sumatra pdf sourceforge filezilla operating system.


GnuCash - Open source financial accounting software to sumatra pdf sourceforge filezilla personal and small business expenses and incomes. Grisbi - Grisbi is an open source personal finance manager developed to run on any platform and suit the needs of all users.

KmyMoney - Easy to use, accurate open source personal finance manager built to suit the needs of non-technical users.

Open Source Windows

It provides all the features available in a commercial application. Librepos - A multi-user POS application designed for touch screens, customer displays and barcode scanners. CiviCRM - The world's first downloadable constituent relationship management system; fund raising software that allows users to manage information about donors, volunteers etc.

Compiere - Offers integrated ERP and CRM suite that enables users to automate the financial, sumatra pdf sourceforge filezilla and other needs of their businesses.

Portable App Directory

Daffodil CRM - Organized and effective way of managing cost-effective customer relationships. Hipergate - Serving developers, consultants and enterprises to assist them in project management, sales force automation and customer relationship management.

IGSuite sumatra pdf sourceforge filezilla A web-based integrated CRM suite that includes solutions like mailing lists, calendar, contact management and task lists.

SugarCRM - An open source CRM solution allowing users to track opportunities and manage existing customers while keeping a check on other activities. DM2 - Provides useful enhancements for Windows in daily work like minimizing windows to floating icons, freeing the sumatra pdf sourceforge filezilla etc.

FileZilla - Open Source Windows

Geoshell - A shell replacement for Windows that sumatra pdf sourceforge filezilla the standard desktop interface items like start menu, taskbar, system tray etc. SharpEnvironment - A tool that enables users to personalize every pixel of visible space and customize a single theme in multiple ways with real-time wallpaper effects, icon sets etc.

Virtual Dimension - A fast and fully featured virtual desktop manager that acts as an enhancement to the Windows manager. Email Clients Columba - A java based email client featuring a user friendly graphical interface.

Daffodil Organizer - Highly flexible way to organize emails; includes import facility from Microsoft Outlook. sumatra pdf sourceforge filezilla

OPEN SOURCE GOD: + Open Source Applications

Evolution - More popularly billed as the Outlook of Linux, its calendar, address book sumatra pdf sourceforge filezilla other features make it a good option as an email client. ICEMail - Open source java client with support for the latest email standards.


Penelope - The open source version of Eudora currently under beta and planned for full release by this year.

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