Now, for the first time, the world of the Black Company is yours to explore. The Black Company Campaign Setting provides everything you need to walk in the. The Black Company campaign setting is the latest entry in the Mythic Vistas series by Green Ronin. This book comes in at $ in hardcover. Since , readers the world over have followed the exploits of Glen Cook's black Company. Croaker, Lady, Murgen, One-Eye, Goblin, and a cast of thousands.


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I love this table!

The Black Company

There are a few new weapons and armor from the books provided, as well as detailed information on siege engines to be expected in a book a setting with as much war as this one as well as a table with detailed rules on all kinds of realistic new poisons the black company rpg cobra venom, cyanide, posion dart frog, etc.

Included is four pages of rules on Masterwork items.

In a the black company rpg low magical gear setting like the BCCS, masterwork items take on a much larger role. Item quality ranges over six levels from "Average" through "Exceptional" to "Masterpiece". Each of the six levels has rules for how its rarity is affected, crafting information, and benefits it can be given.

The Black Company Campaign Setting

Looks like about two dozen different masterwork qualities to be added to any item and each one has three levels based on how many times that benefit is applied to the item. Afterwards a bunch of masterwork the black company rpg from the books and their properties are listed.

At the back of the black company rpg chapter is a discussion of magic items. Basically there are two types - magic items that are objects with spell effects bound into them and powerful ancient relics from the past.


Only the first type may be created by PCs and some easy to use rules are provided under the Embed Spell feat in Chapter 6. Additionally, description and stats are provided for all the magic items mentioned in the books.

Chapter 9 is all about combat. There a three scales of combat provided for running a Black Company game. So the black company rpg 5th level character with a 14 con has a massive damage threshhold of That means any time you take 19 the black company rpg of damage in one shot you have to make a fort save based on how much damage you took or become disabled zero HPs or even dying if you blow it by enough.

So, under this system, even powerful fighters can be taken out of the fight quickly with a lucky shot.

Once you're reduced it zero hit points you no longer take hit point damage, but instead take all damage to your constitution score. Once you take the black company rpg damage there's a chance that you'll develop some kind of infection that could kill you just as dead during the recovery process.

In addition to these changes to the hit point system, there's also expanded critical hit rules that can inflict Grevious Injuries. They're unlikely requiring either a huge flub on a massive damage save, the black company rpg a natural 20 on a confirmed crit, but they can be nasty.

Greivous Injuries range from nothing, to bruises that slightly impair your abilities, to severed limbs, to complete disembowelment. Of course there are rules for recovering from all this damage.

Its important to note that the only way to heal in this game is by natural means. This chapter also provides some more information on Action Points and how to use them. There's a decent the black company rpg on The black company rpg Combat as well including a distance table useful for calculating those three-dimensional ranges.

After the Character combat, rules are provided for Company Scale combat small to middle sized units and Army Scale combat huge hosts of troops. The rules are fairly straightforward and incorporate the actions and presence of the PCs.

The Black Company by Glen Cook

While the black company rpg not as detailed as what you'll find in a dedicated product such as Cry Havoc or Fields of Blood, they are certainly a very workable system for people who want to stay more focused on the PCs without pretty much breaking out a set of wargaming rules.

The chapter concludes with a section on building and maintaining armies, including information on camp followers and disease outbreaks with fourteen or so diseases covered.

Chapter 10 The chapter is certainly the centerpiece of the book. What's presented over 41 pages is a fully developed, well balanced, flexible skill based casting system. Anything done in the books by Golbin, One-Eye, one of the Ten Who Were Taken, or any the black company rpg the other sundry wizard types can be replicated by this system.

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