I say, Arise! and walk with the Father—the “I AM”—that you may be free from these limitations. There is only one thing in this Universe, that can surround you with. THE "I AM" DISCOURSES, Volume XI, to the Minute Men of Beloved Saint. Germain. These are a series of Discourses given by Be- loved Saint Germain from. 16 quotes from The I am discourses: 'Always when one has been conscious of having made a mistake, his first act should be to call on the Law of Forgive.


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The "I AM" Discourse of St Germain

If we wish to prevail over any negative condition, we should use this statement. We can obtain or overcome anything by our I AM statements. We just need to be persistent.


We should take our attention completely away from the negative condition and focus purely on the I AM statement. The few channellings of Jesus towards the end of the book I found to be interesting and informative.

Permission for Them to be explained to students as given forth in these Discourses has been granted to us by these Great Ones.

Such Instruction as is herein contained has never been given to students until after a three year probation the i am discourses the Retreats.

Over time they became highly advanced souls, able to move beyond the cycles of "re-embodiment" and karmaand attained their "Ascension", becoming immortal.

The Ascended Masters the i am discourses believed to communicate to humanity through certain trained messengers per Blavatsky, including Guy and Edna Ballard.

The "I am" discourses Quotes by St. Germain

Blavatsky and William Quan Judge. Ballard was always guided and inspired by the writings of William Quan Judgewho used the pseudonym David Lloyd due to the persecution of his enemies in the Theosophical Society.

Ballard died in In his wife and son were convicted of fraud, [4] [7] a conviction which was overturned in a landmark Supreme Court decision, ruling that the question of whether the Ballards believed their religious claims should not have been submitted to a jury.

Ballard was well-read in the i am discourses and its offshoots, and while hiking on Mount Shasta looking for a rumored the i am discourses of the Great White Brotherhood known as "The Brotherhood of Mount Shasta", he claimed to have met and been instructed by a man who introduced himself as "Saint Germain.

They founded a publishing house, Saint Germain Press, to publish their books and began training people to spread their messages across the United States.

These training sessions and "Conclaves" were held throughout the United States and were open to the general public and free of charge. The meeting included teachings they described as being received directly from the Ascended Masters.

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They the i am discourses the audience in prayers and affirmations that they called decrees, including adorations to God and invocations for abundance of every good thing, including love, money, peace, and happiness.

On December 31 his body was cremated. The "I AM" activity believe Ascension can mean Entering heaven alivethat is, to "raise one's body"—physically translating to a higher form of existence, as in the Ascension of Jesus.

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