An overview Of Napoleon Hill's The Law of Success, outlining each of the 16 original lessons. Law of Success has ratings and reviews. Jeffrey said: This or some form of this book should be a part of every child's curriculum, beginning at. The Law of Success is a book – actually in the form of a set of 15 separate booklets – by Napoleon Hill. It was released as a limited edition of copies  Publisher‎: ‎Tribeca Books.


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The Law of Success - Wikipedia

It will teach you how to ally yourself with others in such a manner that you may have the use of their entire knowledge to back you up in your own plans and purposes.

This lesson will show you how to co-ordinate your own the law of success with those of others, in such a manner that friction, jealousy, strife, envy and cupidity will be eliminated.


You will learn how to make use of all that other people have learned about the work in which you are engaged. It will teach you how the law of success profit by your own failures and by the failures of other people.

Practice Tolerance TOLERANCE will teach you how to avoid the disastrous effects of racial the law of success religious prejudices which mean defeat for millions of people who permit themselves to become entangled in foolish argument over these subjects, thereby poisoning their own minds and closing the door to reason and investigation.

What I do mind however, is when the author can't make up his mind and keeps switching sides whenever it suits his argument.

What is The Law of Success? - Quora

Quoting both revivalist ministers and atheist humanists, The law of success don't see this as being flexible and open-minded - I see this as the author being confused and not really the law of success, what he himself really believes or thinks. It's a shame really, that so many of Hill's universally true principles of success, human psychology and self mastery are drowned out by tedious pseudo-scientific quasi-religious prose, which can make for a very frustrating read at times.

Additionally, instead of removing all that nonsense from the 21st century edition of the book, the editors have decided to dress it all up as magnificent foresight on Hill's part by claiming it to mean all kinds of other things instead of what Hill actually wrote.

I remain thoroughly unconvinced though and so will any discerning reader.

The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons

Another puzzling aspect of the book is its constant redundancy. Some examples are not the law of success just twice, but three, four or even five times in various chapters sometimes almost word for word.

I can understand, how redundancy can creep in, if you write a book over a number of years, however that same redundancy the law of success get thrown out, if not during the editing stage, then in later editions by the very latest.

A matter of taste is the huge scattering of poems throughout the book.

This lesson will teach you how to "build new homes out of old stones", so to speak. It will show you how to create new ideas out of old, well known concepts, and how to put old ideas to new uses.

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill: A Quick Overview | Owlcation

This one lesson, alone, is the equivalent of a very practical course in salesmanship, and it is sure to prove a veritable gold mine of knowledge to the person who is in earnest. Action[ edit ] Lesson the law of success Action - As a matter of facts imaginations and purposes cannot yield anything unless action is taken to realize the purpose.

Actions prove the practicability of our imaginations. When powered with clear purpose and strong leadership it yields desired the law of success [requires further contribution and reference] Enthusiasm [ edit ] Lesson 6 Enthusiasm will enable you to "saturate" all with whom you come in contact with interest in you and in your ideas.

Enthusiasm is the foundation of a Pleasing Personality, and you must have such a personality in order to influence others to co-operate with you.


Addresses the importance of leadership skills yes, they can be habituated and you don't have to be a born leader. Here, Hill acknowledges the penalties of leadership. Leaders are not always spoken of sweetly. This should not deter you from becoming a leader.

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