The Mystical City of God has 96 ratings and 7 reviews. Felmar Roel said: If all the Holy Bibles in this Planet Earth are to be gone and destroyed for eve. The Mystical City of God: A Popular Abridgement of the Divine History and Life of the Virgin Mother of God [Mary of Agreda, Fiscar Marison] on Original title: “Mystical City of God life of Maria miracle of her omnipotence and abyss of the grace tells the history divine and life of the Virgin Mother of God.


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The Index was abolished inalthough with the caveat to avoid readings harmful to faith and moral conduct.

The Mystical City Of God Popular Abridgement by Venerable Mary Of Agreda

Though frequently the result of a special grace given to the recipient, these insights and experiences are in no way binding for faith and morals of the faithful.

So what can be said about the Mystical City?


La Madre Agreda y la Mariologia del Vaticano. Editorial Arca de la Alianza, He did not do it with perfect charity, for the mystical city of god, as it were, was divided in his will between himself and the infallible truth of the Lord.

In consequence it happened that the precept appeared to him in a measure difficult and violent, and his fulfilling of it was wanting in love and in the desire to do justice. Thus he exposed himself beforehand to the danger of not persevering.

Although grace did not leave him on account of this remissness and slowness in the accomplishment of these first acts, nevertheless his the mystical city of god disposition began with them; for there remained with him a certain weakness and laxity of virtue and spirit, and the perfection of his nature did not shine forth as it should.

All About Mary

It appears to me that the effect of this remissness in Lucifer, is similar to that which is caused in the soul by a deliberate venial sin. I do not say that he sinned mortally, nor even venially at that time, since he fulfilled the precept of God; but this fulfillment was remiss and imperfect, springing more from a sense of overwhelming compulsion, than from a loving willingness to obey.

Thus he put himself in danger of falling. In the second the mystical city of god, the angels were informed that God was to create a human nature and reasoning creatures lower than themselves, in order that they too should love, fear and reverence God, as their Author and the mystical city of god Good.

Mystical City of God - Wikipedia

They were informed that these were to stand in high favor, and that the second Person of the blessed Trinity was to become incarnate and assume their nature, raising it to the hypostatic union and to divine Personality; that therefore they were to acknowledge Him as their Head, not only as God, but as God and man, adoring Him and reverencing Him as God—man.

Moreover, these same angels were to be his inferiors in dignity and grace and were to the mystical city of god his servants. God gave them an intelligence of the propriety and equity, of the justice and reasonableness of such a position. For the acceptation of the merits foreseen of this Mangod was exhibited to them as the the mystical city of god of the grace which they now possessed and of the glory which they were to obtain.

They understood also that they themselves had been, and all the rest of the creatures should be created for his glory, and that He was to be their Head.

The Mystical City of God (4 Volume Set)

All those that were capable of knowing and enjoying God, were to be the people of the Son of God, to know and reverence Him as their Chief. These commands were at once given the mystical city of god the angels. To this command all the obedient and holy angels submitted themselves and they gave the mystical city of god full assent and acknowledgment with an humble and loving subjection of the will.

But Lucifer, full of envy and pride, resisted and induced his followers to resist likewise, as they in reality did, preferring to follow him and disobey the divine command.

This wicked prince persuaded them, that he would be their chief and that he would set up a government independent and separate from Christ. So great the mystical city of god the blindness which envy and pride could cause in an angel, and so pernicious was the infection that the contagion of sin spread among innumerable other angels.

Then happened that great battle in heaven, which St. For the obedient and holy angels, filled with an ardent desire of hastening the glory of the Most High and the honor of the incarnate Word, to resist and contradict the dragon, and the permission was granted.

~ The Mystical City of God by Ven. Mary of Agreda ~

But also another mystery was concealed in all this: When it was revealed to the angels that they would have to obey the incarnate Word, another, a third precept was given them, namely, that they were to admit as a superior conjointly with Him, a Woman, in whose womb the Only begotten of the Father was to assume flesh and that this The mystical city of god was to be the Queen and Mistress of all the creatures.

The the mystical city of god angels by obeying this command of the Lord, with still increasing and more alert humility, freely subjected themselves, praising the power and the mysteries of the Most High.

Lucifer, however, and his confederates, rose to a higher pitch of pride and boastful insolence. In disorderly fury he aspired to be himself the head of all the human race and of the angelic orders, and if there was to be a hypostatic union, he demanded that it be consummated in him.

The decree constituting him inferior to the Mother of the Incarnate Word, our Mistress, he opposed with horrible blasphemies.

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