Concept of Icon Primary causes of childhood fascination with cartoons "The Vocabulary of Comics" - Scott McCloud. What is the secret of the. "The Vocabulary of Comics" (Understanding Comics, Ch. 2). Download McCloud, Scott. "The Vocabulary of Comics" (Understanding Comics, Ch. 2) ( MB). Comics has developed specialized terminology. Several attempts have been made to formalise and define the terminology of comics by authors such as Will.


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It is the vocabulary of comics easier for us to understand due to the fact that the artist is able to focus on specific details, which in turn allows them to amplify the meaning in a way that a realistic icon is not able to do so.


The vocabulary of comics looking at a face that has two dots, and one line for lips it is easy to tell if the cartoon is happy, sad, etc. He argues that our minds take images and icons we see on a daily basis and transforms them into some sort of universal concept.

The author explains that words take more time for the reader to depict the meaning because all the resemblance is gone and the reader must perceive the meaning.

Since most comics combine words and images, McCloud describes how the degree of reality may be altered for both the words and images. Splash[ edit ] A splash or splash page is a large, often full-page illustration which opens and introduces a story. The two-page spread or double-page spread [16] is the vocabulary of comics most common, but there are spreads the vocabulary of comics span more pages, often by making use of a foldout or gatefold.

Scott McCloud’s “The Vocabulary of Comics” | Jessica D.

The characters dialogue is given through speech balloons. The character speaking is indicated by the tail of the balloon. The indicator from the balloon that points at the speaker is called a pointer [6] or tail.

Its shape came to convey meaning as well.

Glossary of comics terminology

This genre is called text comics. Sound effects[ edit ] Sound effects or onomatopoeia are words that mimic sounds. Not every moment of a story is presented in comics.

For the artist, encapsulation involves choosing what will be presented in which panels, how many panels will be used to present the action, and the size and layout of the panels.

The layouts of the panels can influence the way the panels interact with the vocabulary of comics other to the reader. This interaction can lend more meaning to the panels than what they have individually.

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