Les centres de soins spécialisés aux toxicomanes et les centres de .. Il représente le deuxième revenu du Maroc, principal fournisseur de la. Graphique 1: Evolution des cas de VIH/sida notifiés au Maroc de au 31 sensibilisation sur les méfaits des différentes formes de toxicomanie et le VIH. La quasi-totalité de la résine saisie provient du Maroc où la culture de variétés .. drogues et des toxicomanies comme des usagers de drogues par voie.


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Newer varieties and better cultivation techniques can undoubtedly yield higher hashish production.


Still, the cultivation of the khardala variety easily allows for threefold increases compared to what toxicomanie au maroc cultivation toxicomanie au maroc produce. In the end, a two-third decline in cannabis cultivation since is very likely to have been offset by the yield increase allowed by the cultivation of the new hybrids on the vast majority of the actual cannabis surface.

Tué à Tanger, Charles Ndour était un migrant sénégalais en situation régulière

Moroccan cannabis cultivation started declining when new hybrid varieties were introduced in the country. Yet correlation is not causality and it does not seem that the cultivation decline is what caused the resort to hybrids. It is not clear what role forced eradication might have played since it mostly took place outside of the historic cannabis zone of toxicomanie au maroc Central Rif.

The Moroccan kif-based hashish industry suffered from producing large quantities of low quality hashish of bad reputation among European consumers. This low potency hashish that was toxicomanie au maroc systematically cut with adulterants ended up suffering from commercial European indoor cannabis cultivation notably in Vietnamese-ran greenhouses in France or the United Kingdom, especially since the early s.

Le tiers des affaires traitées par les tribunaux est lié à la drogue – Lavieeco

European hashish aficionados could even produce their own high quality hashish by resorting to expert extraction techniques: While these extraction techniques could not be observed in Morocco during our July fact-finding field trip, there are nevertheless accounts by individuals of Pollinators bought by Moroccan producers in Northern Europe and shipped to Morocco.

What is clear is that the Moroccan hashish industry is being modernized with large-scale cultivation of hybrid varieties imported from Europe, most likely both by Moroccan and European growers and traffickers. Moroccan hashish is now much more potent than it used to be and it is now sold in Europe in new shapes and sizes.

It seems, though, that most of the seized hashish is still cut in the same proportions than before and with the same adulterants personal communication by French Scientific Police: Such a hashish revival, though, is still unaccounted for by most international and national agencies, whether involved in drug issues or in the economic development of the Rif region.

The fact that the massive ongoing switch to hybrid cultivation is largely unknown or unaccounted for is actually a serious issue for it directly questions the economic strategies that are being implemented in part to reduce and maybe suppress cannabis cultivation in the Rif.

Ignoring or misunderstanding the drivers of the hashish economy as well as its net returns toxicomanie au maroc increased through toxicomanie au maroc cultivationdoes not bode well for the success of the important development programmes that are underway in the region.

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Hundreds of millions of Euros are being spent on integrated development programmes in the Rif 17 but are highly unlikely to have been designed to answer the issues raised by the widespread cultivation of hybrids.

Similarly, the very few alternative development projects that took place in the Rif have failed to diminish or even contain cannabis cultivation in the region Afsahi, ; Chouvy, and some reportedly even had counterproductive unintended consequences Boujrouf, One such project, for example PMH Nord project led by AFD between andtoxicomanie au maroc a cost of 4 million Eurosaimed at reducing cannabis cultivation in an area by extending an irrigation perimeter and by modernizing irrigation techniques.

Although such a phenomenon had already happened with opium poppy cultivation in southern Toxicomanie au maroc and in other countries Chouvy,the project eventually led to an increase of cannabis cultivation after the farmers chose to irrigate cannabis fields rather than alternative crops.

Coupled with a misunderstanding or ignorance of what is basically a new cannabis economy, a limited knowledge of the past failures and limitations of alternative development programmes is of course a real concern for the region.

To make things worse, the Rif is an environmentally fragile region that is one of the poorest and most densely populated in Morocco. In the same way as the old kif landrace has disappeared with the development of the hashish industry, the modern kif, so to speak, might as well disappear, replaced with toxicomanie au maroc that can potentially fast deplete water resources.

The toxicomanie au maroc hashish revival might well be short-lived after all. Ironically, a toxicomanie au maroc debate is gaining momentum in Morocco, reaching even the parliament where the use of kif for medicinal purposes is being discussed.

Maroc. Tué à Tanger, Charles Ndour était un migrant sénégalais en situation régulière

toxicomanie au maroc While many say that nothing toxicomanie au maroc kif can grow in the Rif, or at least that the kif economy is the only one viable in the Rif even more so considering the most recent free trade agreements between Morocco and the EUsuch a debate proves timely.

Unless it is already too late and the opportunity for the Rif to produce environmentally friendly qualitative cannabis derivatives has been lost. After having prepared a questionnaire allowing the study of toxic consumption tobacco, cannabis and alcohol and the evaluation of the depression among consumers; we carried out an investigation near students from Caddi Ayyad University.

The literature review was conducted based on:

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