Rojas, Manuel. Tratado de viticultura y vinificación. Talca: Imprenta de la Libertad. Ruiz Mata, Diego. “El vino en la época prerromana en Andalucía. Rojas, Manuel. Tratado de viticultura y vinificación. Talca: Imprenta de la Libertad. Ruiz Mata, Diego. “El vino en la época prerromana en Andalucía. NOTE: R. = Red W. = White. Spanish Climatic zones, composed by Alberto Orte and Patrick Mata with the help of “Tratado de Viticultura General” by Luis Hidalgo.


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Climate, also an important component of the terroir, is widely tratado viticultura as one of the most important factors for grapevine development and growth [8][14] — [17]. During the growing season April—October in the Northern Hemisphereclimatic tratado viticultura exert a significant influence on vine physiological processes.

Throughout its different stages of development, sunlight, heat and water demands vary.


In fact, it has been shown that the timings and duration of the grapevine phenological stages are deeply tied to the prevailing atmospheric conditions [18] tratado viticultura, [19]which also contribute to variability in grapevine yield [20][21]wine production [14][22][23] and quality [24][25].

All these climatic factors limit the tratado viticultura distribution of grapevine [15][26][27]being also key factors in determining the suitability of a given region for specific varieties and wine types [27] — [29].

The topographic elements represent yet another key factor that influences viticultural and oenological characteristics of a given region.

9788484764243 - Tratado de viticultura by Agapea

Elevation can have a significant impact on vineyard temperatures i. The slope degree of tratado viticultura terrain impacts on canopy microclimate e.

The aspect refers to the compass direction to which the terrain faces e. These elements further enhance the singularity of viticultural regions, since they influence cultural and management practices [2].

As an example, growers tend to select row orientation according to the geographical aspect of the terrain e. Another example is the implementation of walled terraces to overcome slope degree in steep mountainous areas, allowing mechanization and decreasing soil erosion [2].

Vine vigour is related to the growth dynamics of grapevines. It is used as an indicator of tratado viticultura performance, affecting yield, wine production tratado viticultura grape quality [33].

For instance, relationships between vegetative growth and remote sensing derived metrics are broadly recognised [34]. Spectral vegetation indices have shown a good agreement with grapevine vigour, phenology, grape production and wine attributes [34] — [37]proving a suitable metric of grapevine spatial variability and performance.

The Iberian Peninsula presents a wide range of all these site-related elements tratado viticultura grapevine performance.

La Biblia, primer tratado de viticultura y enología - Jabier Marquinez - Google книги

From a climatic perspective it delivers a relatively large set of mesoclimates, spanning from dryer regions, in the inner south, to more humid regions, in the north and northwest [38][39]. Topography and soils are also quite distinct throughout the peninsula, ranging from tratado viticultura flatland areas to steep mountainous regions [40]each with very tratado viticultura soil characteristic [2]which may influencing crop selection and settlements in each region.

All these elements are tratado viticultura in the different varieties grown throughout the peninsula [41]. In summary, there is the possibility of extending viticulture to new regions in Northern Spain which have previously been too cold; conversely, in Southern Portugal dormancy problems could occur, with negative consequences for wine quality.


The average pattern in respect of the IH corresponds in general to the PFA results, although it also provides a more precise demarcation of viticultural zones Fig. This index generally shows high values, which stands viticulture in this part of Southern Europe in good stead, and is of consequence to high profile viticultural regions such as the Douro Valley, the Alentejo, and Andalusia and La Mancha.

In the future one will have to assume that certain regions will change to be classed as warm zones Fig. Climate change, as predicted here, will be a considerable challenge to viticulture and could even become a real threat to the trade, if appropriate measures are not taken tratado viticultura good time.

This means that in the future lowlying areas will experience a significant increase in temperature, which could affect quality negatively, as mentioned above. As a result, the future will bring tratado viticultura increase in viticultural suitability especially for red varieties.

Nuno Magalhães (Author of Tratado de Viticultura)

Supplementary irrigation is essential in these areas, in spite of the general water shortage, especially in high mountain areas. In the A1B zone, which includes most of Iberia, increased dryness is predicted; this is particularly tratado viticultura in the Portuguese interior.

It should be mentioned in closing that this study dealt solely with the input of climatic data, tratado viticultura did not take into account soil type, a factor which also has to be considered when deciding on viticultural suitability. Huglin Index for the same periods.

Cool Night Index minimum temperatures during September for the periods TopCentre and Bottom. It requires long prunings that tratado viticultura the damage and increase its low productivity.

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