An easy-to-understand introduction to how accelerometers work, in everything from space rockets to iPods and airbags. accelerometers which include the basic charge-mode accelerometer and the voltage mode Internal Electronic. Piezoelectric (IEPE) types. IEPE piezoelectric. You may be aware that there are different types of accelerometers; Compression Mode, Shear mode and Capacitive. All three types are.


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For example; predictive maintenance, aerospace, medical, automotive and process control. Shear Mode Accelerometers Shear Mode Accelerometers also use sensing crystals; these are attached between a centre post and a seismic mass.

When under acceleration, the mass will cause shear stress to be applied types of accelerometers the sensing crystals.

​Different Types of Accelerometers and How They Work - from Ixthus Instrumentation

Using piezoelectric sensors, the stress types of accelerometers to the crystals will result in a proportionate electrical output. This electrical output is then transmitted to either a built-in signal conditioning circuitry of sensors or directly to the electrical connector for charge model types.


Shear Mode Accelerometers use sensing crystals isolated from the base and housing, this means that they excel in rejecting thermal transient and base bending effects.

They are also smaller in size, promoting a high frequency response. types of accelerometers

Accelerometer - Wikipedia

Capacitive Accelerometers Capacitive Accelerometers sense a change in electrical capacitance in response to acceleration. The sensing element types of accelerometers a Capacitive Accelerometer is made up of two parallel plate capacitors acting in differential mode.

These parallel capacitors operate in a bridge circuit with two fixed capacitors and alter the peak voltage which is generated by an oscillator when the sensor is under acceleration. Detection circuits will capture the peak voltage which is fed to a summing amplifier to process the final output signal.

Types of accelerometers from Ixthus Instrumentation The Accelerometers we can offer come from our supplier Metrix.


Accelerometers are used alongside gyroscopes in inertial navigation systems. In this case, the accelerometers are used to detect the rapid negative acceleration of the vehicle to determine when a collision has occurred and the severity of the collision.

types of accelerometers

  • ​Different Types of Accelerometers and How They Work

Another common automotive use is in electronic stability control systems, which use a lateral accelerometer to measure cornering forces. The widespread use of accelerometers in the types of accelerometers industry has pushed their cost down dramatically. Tilting trains use accelerometers and gyroscopes to calculate the required tilt.

A free-fall sensor FFS is an accelerometer used to detect if a system has been dropped types of accelerometers is falling.

It can then apply safety measures such as parking the head of a hard disk to prevent a head crash and resulting data loss upon impact. This device is included in the many common computer and consumer electronic products that are produced by a variety of manufacturers.

It is also used in some data loggers to monitor handling operations types of accelerometers shipping containers. The length of time in free fall is used to calculate the height of drop types of accelerometers to estimate the shock to the package.

Tri-axis Digital Accelerometer by Kionixinside Motorola Xoom Some smartphonesdigital audio players and personal digital assistants contain accelerometers for user interface control; often the accelerometer is used to present landscape or portrait views of the device's screen, based on the way the device is being held.

Apple has included an accelerometer in every generation of iPhoneiPadand iPod touchas well as in every iPod nano since the 4th generation. Along with orientation view adjustment, types of accelerometers in mobile devices can also be used as pedometersin conjunction with specialized applications.

Many accelerometer-equipped smartphones also have ACN software available for download.


ACN systems are activated by detecting crash-strength accelerations. Accelerometers are used in vehicle Electronic stability control systems to measure the vehicle's actual movement. A computer compares the vehicle's actual movement to types of accelerometers driver's steering and throttle input.

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