Arrowhead. Culture: Predynastic Period (Naqada III/'Dynasty 0') Date made: BC - BC (Dynasty 0: Reign of Mena) about. ABYDOS: UMM EL QA'AB AND B CEMETERY CLICK ON THE TOMBS (For now only B cemetery is available). Click on the Active spots. BACK to the Galleries -. Umm el-‐Qaab. Cemetery U, Abydos. Page 2. Page 3. Narmer's serekh. Serekhs of Dynasty 0. Iry-‐Hor anonymous. Ka. Narmer me. Page 4. Page 5. Serekhs of.


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The area has been divided into two cemeteries, U and B. Cemetery U umm el-qaab dated to the Predynastic era and includes the famous tomb U-j, which belonged to a powerful ruler whose influence may perhaps have extended as far as Umm el-qaab.

Abydos: Umm el Qaab and Cemetery U

This tomb has yielded some inscribed tablets, which are believed to be the oldest known examples umm el-qaab writing to mankind. One of the tables may have contained an early writing of the name of Bubastis, a city located in umm el-qaab western Delta. If this writing is correct, then the owner of tomb U-j must at least have had trading contacts with Lower-Egypt.


Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology Website. Cemetery B is dated to the Early Dynastic Periodand was exclusively used umm el-qaab the royal family.

umm el-qaab The tombs are significantly larger than those in cemetery U. The increasing size of the tombs hints at the increasing wealth and power of the ruling family and at the better mastery of crafts. Even though each royal tomb is different from the other, they all share the same basic structure, which consists of a large, square pit dug into the umm el-qaab, lined with mudbrick walls.

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This pit was used as the main burial room. It was often surrounded by additional chambers, at a slightly higher level than the burial room itself. In the tombs of Djer and Djetumm el-qaab rooms open off the central chamber. From the tomb of Umm el-qaab onwards, they would surround the burial chamber, without interconnecting.


From the reign of Djet onwards, the superstructure of the tombs appears to have consisted of a hidden mound over the main burial chamber and a larger mound covering the entire tomb.

There are indications that the large mound may also have hidden the subsidiary tombs umm el-qaab, starting from the reign of Ahaextended from or surrounded most 1st Dynasty royal tombs. Umm el-qaab the brick was covered with mud mortar and painted white.

In the B17 chamber there are two holes, each ca.

Items related to Umm el-Qaab - World Museum, Liverpool museums

Presumably they were used to stick posts supporting the roof. Umm el-qaab is only recent survey of German archaeologists that proved it to be a tomb of pharaoh Aha and, though the chambers are distinctly separated, they might have had shared roof. Wall thickness in chambers: Total capacity of the tomb: Here was found umm el-qaab collection of various objects and pieces of equipment, among others stela with royal serekch and mummified human arm, adorned with four bracelets bearing serekchs of the king.

The tomb is surrounded with satellite chambers. The tombs has subsidiary burials.

Umm El Qa'ab - Wikipedia

The central chamber was surrounded with 8 narrow storerooms where numerous sealed jars were found. In the funerary chamber, somehow deeper compared to storerooms, was found the stele of Merytneith. Umm el-qaab tomb is surrounded with 41 subsidiary graves.

The tomb was umm el-qaab with thick brick-wall of 2,10 x 3,80 m.

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Umm el-qaab the first time in Egyptian architecture there was constructed stairwell leading to the funerary chamber of 23,7 7 m in length. Two sections of stairwell, parted probably with wooden door, had 18 and 12 steps respectively.

The tomb is surrounded with subsidiary chambers.

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